What I learnt in 2016; Beauty

As part of my ‘what I learnt in 2016’ blog series I wanted to do a final post summing up what I had learnt about beauty as a whole, as in how my routines changed, tips and tricks I picked up throughout the year and what to avoid in 2017!

BUT…First things first Happy New Year!!!! I’mĀ a couple of days late but hey ho, year just started it’s all good šŸ˜€

So I’m just going to get straight to the post, these are some things I picked up on throughout 2016

  • Always do your brows first! they will come out perfect! EVERYTIME!
  • Clean up messy liner with a Q-Tip..NOT a wipe! it just makes things worse šŸ˜€
  • Too much contour/blusher can be fixed with whatever you used to apply foundation (brush or sponge)
  • Evening skin care routine is THE most important, that doesn’t mean that the morning skin care routine is not important!!
  • Never sign up to a beauty box, this is something I will never do again, in the beginning the boxes are great but once we reach the third box I receiveĀ samples or absolute rubbish productsĀ and repeat products it was so annoying!
  • High end doesn’t mean it’s the better product, there are so many high street products that can match up or are even better than high-end products!

This concludes my post, I enjoyed doing this blog series although they felt very rushed and short !

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