Lab 2 Beauty – Eye Brush Review

If there is one thing you can not have enough of it is makeup brushes!!

So today I am going to be talking about 4 new brushes I have recently been LOVING and they are the Lab2 Beauty ‘Just Eye Brushes’.

First I want to talk about the packaging, each brush was in its own box and each box had so much detail on it. You could find out exactly how to use the brush on a pop out cards at the back so you can keep it in your makeup drawer. The packaging also explains everything you need to know about the brush with a detailed picture of exactly how each brush is made to be used. I don’t own many brushes but I have never seen such detailed packaging!!


The actual brushes have a feel like they cost more than they actually are! The handle is made of a soft to touch rubber and the top is made of metal, the brushes honestly look and feel like really high-quality brushes I was so impressed!! The brushes are made to pick up and apply colour easily and I feel that they are brilliant for the job!

Right, onto the actual brushes, my most favourite brush in the whole lot is the ‘just Blending In Brush’ Oh and I love how each brush has a cool name! This brush is dense yet fluffy at the top so it is perfect for blending out the crease and doesn’t require much effort.


My second favourite brush is the ‘Put A Lid On It Angled Shadow Brush’. This brush is again dense like the others and is angled at the top, this is perfect for blending shade into areas such as the corner of your eye and the outer crease, it is also brilliant for creating a ‘cat eye’ or ‘winged’ look!


The third brush I got was the ‘Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Brush’. This is a versatile eye shadow brush, it has a rounded tip which makes it easy to apply the shadow all over the eye while blending out any harsh lines.


Lastly, I have another one of my favourite brushes, ‘All-Over Shadow Brush’. This brush is wide at the top and is brilliant for highlighting the brow bone, or applying the base colour all over the lid. I love this for packing on top of the lid, or with glitters.


The brush itself is soft and since having them I have washed them and they haven’t lost their ‘fluffynes’? haha I’m not sure what the right word for that is! These brushes are amazing at picking shades  up and blending them out, I use these every time I am doing my eyes.

The brushes all retail at around £3-£6 Depending on where you purchase them from, they are so cheap and the quality is amazing!! These brushes are cruelty also cruelty-free!

(I was sent these brushes to review however, this is MY own review and has not been influenced in any way)

Rate this product: 10/10

Would I recommend the product(s): Yes

Would I purchase the product: Yes definitely, they are so worth it!

Thank you for reading my post!