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Right, I had so many of my lovely followers over on Instagram asking me about The Body Shop At Home, how it works and so on, so I thought instead of another Insta story I would do a blog post! Where it will STAY for all of you to READ :).

As a mother of 3, I always found myself in a complex situation when it came to finding a job, I wanted to work, heck I NEEDED to work but I didn’t want to leave my kids here and there, nurseries and grandparents, miss out on babies the first year! So I found myself going around in circles trying to find the perfect job that will allow me to be flexible and work around my day to day life.

Until I came across my amazing manager’s page where she had advertised a vacancy and I was like hmm, The Body Shop well I love their products, I have a beauty blog and it ticks all the right boxes so I should give it a go, it was the BEST thing I have ever done. Looking back at that moment when I was sat in front of my phone, messaging her enquiring about the job role I am soo glad I didn’t back out!!

So she was and still is SUPER helpful she had me on the system within a day or so and off I was on my new journey, my VERY own business, a start up kit costing ONLY £45! with products that were worth £200+, I couldn’t be happier, I have always wanted to have my own business, working in the beauty industry, working from home yet meeting people from up and down the country it is honestly amazing!

I joined in late March around the 23rd and I already promoted to Manager in June!!! The best thing about this job is it’s not just a fixed wage and that’s it, you earn more and more as you go higher and the opportunities that are thrown at you are BLOODY BRILLIANT, the amount of incentives and free products you achieve is a joke!  The wage is one of the top commission paid jobs in the UK, and that’s just from sales as a consultant!!!! As your business grows, so do you, which means SO DOES TH PAY CHEQUE! – Okay, so now you’re all wondering how do we do it right? Well, its SO damn simple and the money you could potentially be earning is CRAZY!! I am still in shock this job is a GOLD MINE, and how I never heard of it before BAFFLES MY BRAIN!!!!!

First things first and I say this to ALL new members of my team it’s not a walk in the park, it is SIMPLE yet you need to put effort in especially in the first month, that doesn’t mean drop what you’re doing and go crazy making sales, it just means you need to be on top of PROMOTING your business, after all ……

Moving on to the next thing, when starting up you need to purchase a kit for £45 in this kit you receive products worth £200 that will get you started to advertise, use the products to show customers what you sell, gather friends and families, do some parties pamper your friends, get in them sales! It’s honestly so much fun! – Just to clarify as I had many questions about this ‘partying’ – it’s not an actual full whack party, balloons, music, cakes- although if that’s your scene, it can be !! 😀 When we say party all we mean is getting a few people around, showing off your products, having a little pamper session and talk about products, interact with your guests – talk SKIN and advise them – (Me and my team are fully dedicated to giving 4 days training to all new consultants, THIS IS SOMETHING YOU WON’T ALWAYS GET FROM SOMEONE ELSE-please keep that in mind when signing up).

Next, I like to get to know my new consultants so I have an informal form you can fill in so I can get a bit of a background of who you are and why your joining – (The form is linked at the bottom of this post).

Lastly, your IN!, I can call you or message you give you a welcome and start up your VERY OWN BUSINESS!!



Now the next question I got asked a lot is about these “FREEBIES”- Let me tell you one thing there are ALOT of incentives, that’s not just a soap bar and a shower gel, oh no! eEvery month you will get sale targets and reach each target and you will get more and more products, these are usually products that have not EVEN launched!!!! ALL NEW AND READY for you to use and add to your kit to show your customers what’s COMING SOON!!!!- As these are all exclusive to us they don’t come easy, you have to work hard and hit targets!



Now as were in July there is a whole load of EXTRAS to get your business BOOMING, firstly we have SO many new products launching this month so LOADS of promotion there. Secondly, you pay £45 for your starter kit and join, once you hit 2 sale targets you get an EXTRA CHRISTMAS KIT WORTH £91, that’s your kit set for peak season when you make THE MOST money in the whole year 😀


aaaaand if that’s not exciting enough JOIN now and start collecting points to get YOURSELF a seat on the NEXT TRIP!!!! – A 5* LUXURY HOLIDAY – FULLY PAID FOR !!!! – YES, I SAID FULLY PAID FOR!!! A Once in a lifetime opportunity!!!!!

The job itself is a brilliant opportunity to build your own business, have your own team and GROW!!


I hope I answered most questions if anyone does have any more please let me know,


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