Kat Von D vs Nars: Concealers

I recently purchased the Kat Von D ‘Lock It’ concealer and as it is a new product in the U.K and I know many people want to know how it performs and if its worth the buy I thought I could compare it with my all time favourite Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, this is also a high end product, so if your looking for a ‘dupe’ or a cheaper alternative, this is not what i am discussing today, I have not come across a for this yet.

Nars Radiant creamy concealer: Custard (yellow undertones, light/medium skin)

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer:  Medium Warm 17 (yellow undertones light skin/medium skin)


So firstly I want to talk about the packaging, The Nars concealer has a ‘soft touch’ and is made of rubber which gives it the feel of a high quality product! I personally love the packaging of all Nars products but they get dirty really easily and can look…ugly -.-! TheKat Von D concealer is from the ‘lock it’ range, so it has the same goth/tattoo inspired pattern, with the KVD logo on the lid/applicator.


Both the products look the same size height wise, the Nars one contains 6.23g of product and the KVD one contains 6.25g so not much of a difference at all, although the Nars one costs £22 and the KVD one costs £20, technically the KVD one would be the cheaper option with a little more product!! (not much more ofcourse, however I find the KVD you need less product to cover any specific area as a little bit goes a very long way!)


The applicator on both of the products is different, and I have no idea why I did htis but I forgot to take pictures of the Nars concealers applicator so I have included one off google as my comparison would be incomplete without it! So, the Nars applicator is like most concealers, its a wand like applicator with a straight tip with a slightly angled flat surface on one side, which is great for applying the concealer in most areas, however you may have to move around to get into small places, such as under the eye. The KVD concealers applicator is also like a wand however the tip is a triangle shape making it easier and more convenient for its use, I prefer the applicator of the KVD one.

I have applied both concealers using a concealer brush and the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, I usually use my fingers to blend then go in with a tool, I prefer the sponge, for this post I tested both to see which one works best, for me the sponge gives a flawless finish, especially with the KVD concealer as the consistency is very thick.


Nars Radiant creamy concealer: Custard (yellow undertones, light/medium skin)

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer:  Medium Warm 17 (yellow undertones light skin/medium skin)

The Nars concealer is perfect for my skin tone it is slightly lighter, thats how I like my concealer to be, as it conceals and gives a highlighted effect, so I matches my KVD concealer to  my skin trusting youtubers/online bloggers/google as I ordered online and I didn’t know what shade would match, I do feel like the KVD one is lighter however I feel it gives the same effect as the Nars one, as they both contain yellow undertones, the KVD one looks more yellow.



The coverage of the Nars concealer would be Medium/full, and once set it stays in place without sinking into lines or creasing and lasts up to 8 hours however nearer to the end of the day it does start to disappear, which I find happens with most concealers. The KVD one is full coverage once it is on it covers ANYTHING! blemishes, spots, dark circles (I find colour correcting helps to keep the area look more light), once set with a powder the concealer holds well, however I do notice after a couple of hours it sets into the fine lines under my eyes, the concealer itself conceals up to 8 hours without disappearing like the Nars one! Both concealers are known to have thick consistency, however comparing them both the KVD is more thicker and much more pigmented!

Overall I like both of these the KVD one would be my favourite as its full coverage and very pigmented, however it really bothers me that it creases! I have tried different ways to set it however I feel it still creases! if anyone has any solutions please leave them below!!