What I learnt in 2016; Primers

Third blog in my ‘what I learnt in 2016‘ series and today I will be talking about primers, believe it or not last year I never even used a primer, I always thought of it as an extra thing you don’t really need like isn’t my moisturiser enough? Oh boy was I wrong, this year I was introduced to primers! It’s never too late and of course I started like everyone else, which one is the best primer from ALL of them again the wrong question!

So here are the things I learnt;

1. Not all primers work for everyones skin types HOWEVER, if you prep your skin well they can do amazing things!

2. I have oily combination skin so mixing two primers can give you amazing results, a hydrating primer alongside a matte primer has been my go to! 

3. Silicone-based primers for the thick foundations.

4 Water based/hydrated primers for water based/normal foundations

5. Primers need to be massaged into the skin till they feel tacky or for silicone ones till they are evenly smooth.

6. The right base can make any foundation look flawless!

My favourite primers right now are the Kat Von D lock it primer and well it’s not a primer but works brilliantly as one, the Garnier pure active matte moisturiser.

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