What I learnt in 2016; Contour

I’m back with my second post in my ‘What I learnt in 2016’, this one is about contouring! Contour changed the whole makeup game, I remember the day when blusher was the only thing that I applied on my cheeks! HA!

So, contouring is all about giving you a more defined look, and it’s easy to achieve the perfect contour as long as you have the right products and know where you NEED to apply it.

So here are the things I learnt;

1.The right shade, now I just thought it’s all about your skin shade, so the lighter you are the lighter shade you need, I was so wrong! Haa. Its more about undertones, SO, if you have light/medium skin you will need a contour shade with grey undertones and medium/dark skin will need a contour shade with orange undertones! This is important!

2. Cream contour is good for heavy makeup – powder for light makeup.

3. WHERE you apply contour is CRUCIAL, any contour in the wrong area will ruin everything! So quick set of tips:

  • Applying contour on the forehead along the hairline makes your forehead look smaller, so the more you apply the more smaller it will (visually ) look.
  • Applying contour on the cheeks, from the hairline down towards your lips, just along the cheek bones, this will define the cheek bones so the more product you apply the more defined they will look, DEFINITELY blend this PROPERLY!
  • Applying contour on the nose is the one I learnt a lot about, it’s not the same for everyone, it all depends on the shape of your nose and how YOU want to define it, for me I apply it just the bottom of my nose to give it a ‘lifted’ look.and then use the brush I used to blend my cheek bones with along the sides of my nose
  • Applying contour on the jawline, this I rarely do but when I do I apply the darkest shade along my jawline lightly.

4. Blending is KEY when it comes to contouring!

5. Highlighting after contour is another MUST, it marries the pair together leaving your face looking defined and highlighted! Yaaass!

6. Brushes for powder products and Sponges for cream products!


I know these posts are short but I’m quite enjoying writing them! Thank your reading! and keep your eyes open for more….if you haven’t already then go check out my last post in this series¬†What I learnt in 2016; Brows.