What I learnt in 2016; Eyebrows

Hii guys, I’m starting my ‘what I learnt in 2016’ blog series with one of the things I learnt most about this year, BROWS!

Now my brows have come a LONG way, from the chunky bushy brows when I was younger to the needle thin- just about visible brows from when I was a teenager! – We’ve all been there! my brows have definitely evolved this year and now I feel like I can achieve that perfect natural brow and it didn’t come easy!

I think we all get mislead with all the ABSOLUTELY perfect clean cut brows with the sharp ends that look so natural!- and then all of a sudden we NEED the product that they are using! NO, we don’t, achieving perfect brows is NOT about the best product, its all in the technique! I can achieve the same brow using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Pomade or using the Rimmel Brow Pencil.

So here are the things I learnt;

1. Let them grow, growing your eyebrows can be one of the longest things ever, mine still have not fully grown, for some reason the end of my right brow just does not grow! (You can assist growth by brushing your brows, using oils or using a serum, check my post on how I grew my brows here). You can cover up the extra hairs with concealer while you are growing them out.

2.To make your brows look naturally fuller, don’t trim them from the top, unless you don’t like that look!

3. ALWAYS do your brows first, fill your brow and conceal around the brow, this way you will get perfect brows EVERYTIME!

4. When filling your brows apply the product very lightly, this way you can achieve perfect brows without getting to much product in your brows and making them look harsh.

5. Do not fill the full brow!!! So start half way and fill until the end and then use a spoolie brush to brush the product through the brow, this gives your brow a natural look.

6. Always use a product to set the brow so it stays in place all day!

7. keep the natural shape of your brow, trying to extend the shape of your brow will actually change the whole shape of your eye area likewise making your brows shorter will look odd.

8. Last thing and probably one of the best things I learnt, ANY PRODUCT can give you perfect brows, do not feel like you need the most expensive product to give you amazing brows, you don’t! The difference between products will be that some products will be easier to use.


Thank you for reading my post, keep an eye out for the next post of the series!