How to lose pounds!

Yes, you read that right!! POUNDS!!!! If you know me then you will know I have tried every weight loss tip and trick in the book and gone from starving myself to eating like there’s no tomorrow!! When it comes to weight loss it is SO hard to keep up with, changing your eating habits and exercising and keeping away from junk and remembering to keep hydrated!

So I came across a video about an all natural drink that helps you lose pounds and obviously I was game! Mention the word weight loss and I’m game! So what is this amazing drink I am keeping you all in suspense about you ask? Well, it’s a drink made up of five ingredients that cleanse your body naturally! So non of extra bull you get from tablets and teas!

So in a little more detail, what is in the drink;

  • 1 tbsp of Organic Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 tsp of Sea salt
  • 1tbsp Organic Ginger Juice
  • 1/3 of a cup Pure Apple Juice
  • 1/3 cup of cooled boiled water

How I use it

So first think in the morning I make this drink and drink it while I rush around making the kids breakfast, and leave around half an hour before I have my own, lets be honest it’s always an hour or so after! But, the recommended time is half an hour. I boil the water in the kettle, throw everything in a mug and mix it all up! – Super easy to make, sometimes if I accidently add too much salt I just add more apple juice to make it taste better!

How it works

So obviously the next question how is drinking this every morning going to work? This drink works as a colon cleanser, what is a colon cleanser you ask? its an ancient practice of cleansing out the large intestine. The cleanse is supposed to clean out the toxins and waste in the colon which results in enhancing the vitality of the body. The other benefits of the cleanse include; weight loss (YASS!), improve the immune system and improve mental outlook! which is pretty ace right?

How did I find it?

Well since I had my baby who is 9 months this week I have been trying to lose weight through exercise and healthy eating MOST importantly keeping it all natural rather than using quick fixes and tablets, they have all failed on me!! I discovered this cleanse a couple of weeks ago and the results are AMAZING I am seeing my body shape changing, I have dropped 7 pounds since I started drinking it!!!! It really does works and it feels amazing doing it in a healthy way, I’m no gym freak and I don’t work out as much as I would like to, I also do not have a strict diet however, I do try to maintain a healthy diet! I like to be honest and blunt with you guys so I got to add that as it is a COLON cleanse, it will make you go toilet, that does NOT mean you will get the shits, it just means its working and you will go for a number 2 :D!

Some things to take into consider before trying out this cleanse, firstly KEEP HYDRATED, water is your best friend it will not BLOAT you if you build up how much you drink slowly, I never used to drink water, so when I started drinking more I had a bottle a day, then a bottle and a half, then two bottles and so on, I am currently on 2 and half bottles! Next thing to help cleanse your colon you can add insoluble fibres to your diet such as cereals and whole grains and soluble fibres such as fruit, veg oatmeal and bran.

That’s all for now, I tried to keep this post short and include all the important info!!

If you do try this cleanse let me know how it goes!!


False Lash Superstar Mascara – Review

I saw a TV ad on these mascaras, the ‘Xfiber’ one and I was sold – Damn you TV, selling me shit all the time! I was convinced this mascara was going to give me HUGE lashes! I was feeling slightly guilty for not repurchasing my ALL TIME FAVOURITE mascara the Maybelline Lash Sensational, but I wanted to try something new,  So I went to Superdrug to pick one up and I totally forgot which mascara it was! There were two mascaras that looked the same with different colour packaging so I ended up getting the Superstar False Lash mascara (silver packaging).

False Lash Superstar Mascara

The superstar mascara has a double end, one side is a white primer that thickens and adds volume to prepare the lashes before the second coat. The other end has the actual mascara with fibre in it to lengthen the lashes.

So I have been using this since I got it and it definitely makes your lashes look longer I love the primer it really gives VOLUME to the lashes and the shape of the brush helps it get into the corner of my eye to grab each hair! The mascara applies nicely over the primer and makes your lashes look long and HUGE! The only thing I don’t like about this mascara is half way through the day the lashes don’t look as lifted as they did when you apply the mascara so by the end of the day they look straight :/ which is annoying so I mentioned how I did not like it all and some people recommended I go for the Xfiber one, the one I actually saw on TV -.-!

False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara

So the Superstar Xfiber mascara is similar to the other mascara however, the primer is black and does the exact same thing as the white one so it gives your lashes volume and a lift. The other side of this, well as you can tell by the name has Extra fibers compared to the other mascara, you can see them on the wand in the picture, with this mascara because it’s like adding two coats I apply the fiber part mainly at the ends of the lashes and they look amazing! This one is my favourite from the two, but I wouldn’t say its my favourite mascara it looks a little clumpy, that’s mainly because of the fibers, I still prefer the Maybelline Lash Sensational, it’s literally my most favourite mascara EVER!

I got both of these from Superdrug, they were both £10.99 but L’Oreal always have some sort of offer on and if they don’t then Superdrugs will have one on, I hardly ever buy anything that’s not on offer! Why pay full price when they will almost always be on offer right?

Rate these products out of 10: (Superstar) 5/10 (Xfiber) 7/10

Would I recommend these products?: (Superstar) No (Xfiber) Yes

Would I repurchase these products: No

Thank you for reading my review!! Any mascara recommendations?

Drop them in the comments below!!


Bootea – Does It Actually Work?

Hiii everybody! I am back with an update of the Bootea bundle I purchased about a month ago? I have finished my bundle, except for the Shake but I will talk about that later, so I finished the 14-day tea tox, the little Oats and most of the shake and results were pretty good but there are some things I want to talk about before we get to results!

So when purchasing the bundle (full post of the weight loss bundle Here) I talked about all the products and what was included in the bundle along with how each product was meant to be taken. Whilst using the products I did moderate exercise every day or sometimes I missed a day. You can;t expect anything to work if your not working out too, when I say workout I don’t mean I was going crazy I literally did light workouts using small hand weights I know if I worked out more I would of seen better results but I had to keep it light with it only being about 4 months since I had my baby. 

Whilst using the products I did moderate exercise every day or sometimes I missed a day. You can’t expect anything to work if your not working out, when I say workout I don’t mean I was going crazy I literally did light workouts using small hand weights I know if I worked out more I would of seen better results but I had to keep it light with it only being about 4 months since I had my baby. Also I was watching what I eat, and this is something everyone struggles with when trying to lose weight, so I recommend working on your eating habits before purchasing products like this because if you don’t change your eating habits then it’s pretty pointless, and again I wasn’t like living on rabbit food I actually really enjoyed the food I was having and mixed it up all the time, just concentrate on adding more protein and having less carbs, play about with it and see what you like its definitely worth looking into before starting any sort of weight loss because I believe healthy eating can’t happen over night it’s something you have to teach your body to do, so yeah and you don’t have to really cut anything, just have less of all the junk, like for me my biggest issue is chocolate, I didn’t deprive myself of it but I just had less of it, also I want to add the Bootea does help suppress cravings so that was another thing that helped.

Right, I realised I was going way off the topic there but these are a few thing you HAVE to note before hand and I wish I knew all that before as I have honestly spent a stupid amount of money on products that never worked because I wasn’t doing the right things!

So firstly I am going to talk about how each product worked for me;

Bootea Teatox (14-days)

So the tea tox is the most hyped product from Bootea, and I know exactly why it is amazing! I know many people who have tried it and complained it didn’t work and it kind of annoys me because they’re like ‘Oh it’s a waste of money I had it for two weeks nothing happened’, and firstly they didn’t move their backside! So how are you supposed to ‘lose‘ any weight? It’s not a mug of magic you have to assist it! Secondly, they didn;t even watch what they were eating ‘oh I tried to eat healthy’, seriously? If your not giving full dedication to the product, don’t bother buying it because you WILL be wasting your money!


So my rant aside, you receive a morning tea to take ever morning before breakfast, or I had it with my breakfast sometimes because I was either in a rush or was heaving such a late breakfast! (Remember to allow yourself to bend the rules SOMETIMES because you will quickly and easily get bored). You also receive a night time tea, you take this every other night, and this is the one that helps with flushing your system. Warning: The night time tea has a laxative effect so bare that in mind when doing this tea tox because the morning after you take the night time tea you WILL need the toilet and that’s all I’m going to say! haha!

This tea really does help with detoxing your body naturally. The taste is what most people be worried about and I am a fan of herbal teas and I love all the earthy smells/tastes, so I was pleased with the morning tea it didn;t have a harsh earthy taste and smell pleasant although once it went cold I didn’t like the taste at all! The night tea, however, smelt disgusting! I don’t even know how to describe it however, once it is at the right temperature to drink I would just drink it as fast as possible becuase I didn’t like the taste!

I loved how this tea made my stomach feel flat in the mornings !! Best feeling ever, those who are on a weight loss journey will know what I mean 😀

I do want to mention that because these teas are flushing the system you HAVE to eat properly and not ‘starve’ yourself because you will end up flushing all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs and get ill, this happened to me when I did a tea tox a couple of years ago and I got very ill, so experience has taught me to keep up with your food! Obviously don’t over eat or eat unhealthy!

Bootea Vitamins

I took these as the instructions stated; two tablets once a day, these are good because you know your body is getting the right vitamins, like I was saying before, very important when you’re doing a teatox! The tablets were pretty large compared to the usual tablet (I’m thinking pain killers!)

I feel like these have helped my hair and skin, my skin has gone so clear and my hair feels amazing!!! I do think it helped my body too because I didn’t feel unwell throughout the two weeks, I didn’t take them every day because I honestly forgot! 

Bootea Little Oats


These are so nice! I actually do not like oats with water they always end up tasting disgusting but, these were really nice. You only need one scoop which at first I thought will be less, but it really filled me up! I liked these the most from the whole bundle and you get exactly the right amount for 14 days. I had this almost every day but because I couldn;t have it every day because come on, we can’t have the same thing all the time! I just had a something different, but kept it healthy!

Bootea Shake


The bootea shake, well firstly I just want to talk about the instructions, they say add one scoop to 400ml of water, I did try this and it tasted revolting! I literally could not drink more than a couple of sips, so I tried it with milk and it made a HUGE difference, it tasted like a chocolate milkshake, it was so nice it was hard to believe it was made of natural products! This can be taken 1-2 a day and it helps build muscle which then results to more fat burn, I loved taking this however I noticed taking it twice a day made me feel a little sick I think that was due to a high amount of protein in one day keeping in mind I was taking more protein with my food.

The cup that came with the bundle is great! It has a secure lid so no spills however, after washing it a couple of times the Bootea logo came off 🙁 which was sad! haha

I loved this and I have only just finished it today! as it has 30 servings, I will be purchasing this again. I do feel like it has helped my muscles grow! My arms are much more toned and I am seeing a seeing abs! Yaay!

So, the main point of this post, did I lose any weight? Yess!! Of course I did!!

I lost 7 pounds, which is half a stone in two weeks!! 

I was thrilled by my results, I was gutted that I didn’t work out as much as I wished I had because I know results would of been better HOWEVER, I am going to continue taking Bootea shake also I am thinking of doing a teatox every other month, I just think it’s a great way to cleanse your body, we all need it!

I would highly recommend these products to anyone on a weight loss journey but I would strongly advise taking the points I made into consideration before hand as it is such a shame seeing people wanting to lose weight, spending money on these products then not using them properly! I do think that the whole bundle is not necessary, however buying the bundle on sale as I did was definitely worth it, you can pick this up for £49.99 on the Bootea website here

WOW! now this is probably the longest post I have ever wrote! Sorry about rambling on but I had to mention each thing! I don’t want to falsely review a product, it worked for me because I followed it properly please don’t buy it thinking it’s magically going to work because SADLY, it won’t!

Also, I would like to mention I was not paid or given this product to review, I purchased this myself and these are MY results and MY honest review.

Thank you for reading!


Bootea Weight loss Bundle

Bootea, many people know this company for its famous TeaTox. They are a health and weight loss company that promotes a balanced healthy lifestyle all their products contain natural ingrediants. TOO many people think of there products as a WEIGHT LOSS product! It is SO important to know and not to get mislead by all the amazing before and after pictures and other peoples results, they did NOT get them by simply exchanging the usual PG tips for the Bootea Teatox!

Now that we have got that out of the way I am going to go straight into it, so I have purchased the teatox a couple of times before so I know what to expect and the fact that I have ordered it again and again proves that I LOVE it! I went onto the Bootea website planning to buy myself the 28 Day Teatox, while I was there I noticed they had a NEW range of products put togther and they were sold as the Weight Loss Bundle and it was on offer! So I thought it would be a good chance for me to try out some of their other products and it would help with my weight loss which is proving to be so hard at the moment cravings are getting the better of me and the words WORK OUT bring out the slug in me! I ordered this on Wednesday and they arrived by Friday, if I had ordered before 7pm they would have arrived the next day!! the delivery has always been super fast and they inform you about everything the second you checkout! Brilliant service! The bundle contained 4 products including the  Bootea shaker bottle and their meal plan. The usual price is £70.95, but it is on sale at the moment for £49.99! Holland and Barret sell items from the Bootea range and the teas are always on offer, so it would be worth checking them out their, however some of the items are cheaper on the actual website so its worth looking around, Boots also stock the tea however the tea from there is laxative free, which pretty much is the main thing about this tea which helps detoxify so it would be like buying a normal herbal tea, but if that is what you want then you can buy it from their.

I started using the products, so far I have used each one so I thought I can give you a first impression along with a bit about each product and hopefully when I finish the whole detox I will give you an update on how it went.

14 Day Teatox


The Teatox comes with 14 day tea bags and 7 night ones, so you have one morning tea every morning and the night tea every other night, so you have one the first night then miss the second night then have it the third night and so on! The morning tea gives you the extra boost you need in the morning, some days I have woken up feeling so slugish, this tea sorted that right out!

Morning Tea

contains: Chinese Oolong tea, Mate leaves, ginger root, fennel seeds, lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves, Nettle leaves.  

The tea smells earthy and tastes alright I wouldn’t say it tastes lovely but I wouldn’t say it tastes disgusting, it is not bad and its okay to drink, I’ve had worse! (that’s one thing everyone has an issue with when trying a new detox tea).

Night Tea

Contains: Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian roots, Psyllium seeds.

This tea smells disgusting, I am not going to sugar coat it! It smells horrible! Once it has been made the smell slightly goes away but it doesn’t taste as good as the morning one, although after the second or third night of having it you get used to the taste.  The night tea is the one with the laxative effect, now this is another concern a lot of people have before buying this tea, it is not a huge issue honestly I think its the best part, you drink the night time tea wake up in the morning and you really ‘HAVE TO GO’ and after that your body feels cleansed and ready for the day! It only happens once, according to Bootea the effect takes place 8 hours after you have the tea which is about right.

The teas alone cost £19.99 for the 14 day teatox and £37.99 for the 28 day teatox, the the 28 day one is currently on offer too for £34.99!

Bootea Little Oats

Contains: Dried fruit, instant porridge oats, seeds, sweetner and is rich in fibre (these are not the full ingredients)

This is something I haven’t tried from the Bootea range and to be honest if I didn’t purchase the bundle I would never of bought this which would be a shame as I really like it so far! I think I tried porridge oats once in my life with water and they were DISGUSTING! I can not have porridge oats with water, I have always had them with milk so when I saw that this was made with water I was a bit hesitant but I thought I would give it a go anyway, so it comes with a scoop, you need one scoop and 125ml of water, add it together and microwave it for 30 seconds, mix it and microwave again for another 30 seconds and its done! I found it to be very easy to make!! I have to say, this is the best porridge I have ever had…made with water of course, it tasted so creamy as if it was made with water! It was very filling considering I used a small amount, which I thought would be less! The pack contains 14 servings, so I will use it for the next 14 days, I think I won’t always have it for breakfast, I can’t have the same thing for breakfast every single day I quickly get bored!

The Little Oats cost £9.99 alone. which is quite expensive!

Bootea Chocolate Shake 

High in Protein, Green Tea Extracts, Natural flavoring

This one I was MOST excited about, I’ve been meaning to buy a protein shake for a while now, so this was perfect for me to try, now first I just want to say I have never tried one before so I didn’t know what to expect. The shale is meant to be taken 1-2 times a day, best after working out, it comes with a scoop so its easy to make, this is also another product made with water or milk, so I tried it with water first as that’s the best way to have it. I used the cup that came in the bundle, I filled it up to the 400 mark with water, and added one scoop of the shake and shook it! I found the shake mixed easily and I couldn’t see any lumps, I had some of it and did not like it AT ALL! It ad the weirdest taste ever like helloo its meant to be a chocolate shake! It tasted like a very very sweet green tea, I cannot stand cold green tea it makes me feel sick! I took another sip or two I thought I could get used to it, I couldn’t finish it, i just threw it away and re made it with milk! This time it was a lot better! the whole weird taste had gone, it tasted more like a chocolate milkshake! the slight weird after taste was still there but it quickly went! I was so relieved it tasted better with milk, I don’t think I would of had the rest!

The Bootea Shake alone costs £23.99 and comes in three different flavours; Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana.


Well the name pretty much sums up what it is, these multivitamins that ensure your body is getting the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of all the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, these are key when losing weight as they will help keep your body healthy, (THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR FOOD). The pack contains sixty capsules and you take two a day, now these capsules aren’t your average paracetamol sized capsuled, they are HUGE! Well to me they looked huge, I can feel them going down my throat, feels a little sickening but nothing too bad!

The Bootea Multivits alone cost £11.99.


I also received a meal plan and the Bootea Shaker, both are great! The shaker is sturdy and doesn’t leak when making the shake. The meal plan has a range of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is also full of little tips and information about a weight loss plan I think its a great little extra! The shaker alone costs £4.99.

So far, I am liking most of the products in this bundle, if I could change some things I think I would of got a different flavor milkshake, other than that it is all good so far! I can’t wait to use these and get my end result in two weeks, I will be doing an updated review after the two weeks finish!  Have any of you tried any of the items from the Bootea range, if so leave a comment and let me know what you thought about them!


Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation – Review

Today I am going to be reviewing the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless! wow that was a mouthful! Haha!! I have the Fit Me dewy foundation and it’s literally my go to foundation for everyday wear, I love it so when I saw that Maybelline released a matte version I wasn;t overly excited, I just think the packaging was putting me off, I like foundations with a pump but I ended up buying it anyway as I heard many good things so I thought, hey why not? 

So first things first the price, I actually purchased this while doing my weekly food shop! I always have a little nosey at the beauty products to see what’s on offer (that’s my way of allowing myself to buy something ha!), saying that, this foundation wasn’t actually on offer but I picked it up anyway and it cost £4 which is pretty cheap for a foundation considering you get a decent amount!

The packaging, as I have already said I don;t really like it, it can get messy and I don’t really know how much I use as it’s not like the normal, one pump or two pumps, with this it’s however much you take out? if that makes sense? Although this isn;t a major issue, but  I prefer a bottle with a pump!

I applied this using the Real Techniques sponge and I have used this with a Morphe blending brush, for those brush lovers I totally felt like it went on smoother with the brush! I actually prefer a brush with thicker foundations!

Th foundation colour was a good match although I am 125 in the Dewy foundation. I got 120 because my shade wasn’t there however, it was perfectly fine I guess with it going into Autumn/Winter months I can use lighter shades without looking out of place! The consistency is slightly thicker than the dewy foundation, but because it’s a matte foundation I was kind of expecting that.

It definitely had a matte finish it, but not the chalky type, it was a nice matte and left my skin looking smooth and my pores were gone, I have tried it with and without a primer, and both times there was not a huge difference! Without the primer, my larger pores were still slightly visible but with a primer, there was nothing my skin looked flawless I was very impressed!

Did it last?…Yes it lasted all day! obviously, it wasn’t as fresh as it looks in the morning but my makeup was still looking amazing at the end of the day I didn’t want to remove it. This is perfect for no makeup days, it doesn’t look cakey at all, I would say the coverage is light to medium but you can definitely build it to look more medium to full!

Lastly, I wanted to add that my makeup stayed matte throughout the day which was pretty amazing, my T-zone always gets oily within 2 hours!


Rate this product: 9/10 

Would I recommend this product: Yes! Definitely

Would I repurchase this product: Yes!

Thank you for reading, what are your thoughts on this product..


Pixi; Best Of Bright – Review

One of my boxing day/new year purchases was the Pixi Glow Best of Bright set, it’s a set of travel sizes of the Pixi glow tonic, the glow mud mask and the glow mud cleanser. Now, I have been wanting to try this brand out for ages! I have heard so many good things about the Glow mask but as always there are negative reviews on how it breaks out some on people, anyways so when I saw this on sale I thought it would be a good way to try the products out because there is no way I was going to purchase the full product and then find it wasn’t good for my skin!

The set was a part of the Christmas gift sets from M&S and it was on sale for £12 down from £20, when I bought this I didn’t actually know they were travel sizes so I was pretty gutted when I saw how tiny they
were! They like fit in my palm!! aha

Pixi Cleansing mud mask: Cleanses deep into the pores and detoxifies the skin, it also contains 5% hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, avocado, oil to pump and nourish the skin.

Pixi Glow mud mask: Draws out impurities and combats breakouts. The mask revitalises, clarifies and brightens the skin, Kaolin and sea salt purify the skin while Ginseng and aloe vera balance.

Pixi Glow Tonic: An exfoliating toner that works to perfect the skin tone and texture leaving the skin with a healthy glow. It contains Aloe vera, ginseng, botanical extracts which work together to soothe and treat problematic skin. The product claims it is gentle on all skin types ( I don’t believe this is true after hearing other reviews so if you do purchase this I would advise getting a sample or travel size one)


So I have used these products for a week I used the mask twice and I used the cleanser and toner daily for about a week, and here are my thoughts on them!


When I first used the cleanser I found it a little weird how it goes thicker and thicker as you massage it however it is a nice feeling as if your rubbing all the dirt out of your face. A good tip when using the cleanser given to me by Phosbeauty, is to massage the cleanser into the skin and leave it on as a mask for around 10minutes, this leaves you skin feeling extra smooth! I like the cleanser but I wouldn’t say I love it, it cleans my skin and leaves it feeling really soft and looking a lot brighter however, I don’t think it’s amazing.

Mud Mask

I’ve never tried a mud mask on my face so this one is a first, I have used it a handful of times and I think its a nice mask for a normal day It made my skin look brighter and feel really soft which I liked, I find this mask is best to do in my evening skin care routine, in the morning my face looked bright and my skin looked great! I might possibly buy this again.

Glow Tonic

Now this one is the reason I bought the whole thing! people rave about this toner so much I had to try it out and honestly it has been a love hate relationship! When I first used it it was that time of the month, so I broke out really bad, I was so annoyed because I hadn’t broke out like this in YEARS so I blamed the toner and put it away a week or so later I thought it may have been because my skin is more sensitive at that time so I gave it a go and I REALLY liked it, obviously not straight away but a week of using it in my evening skin care I noticed my skin looks more fresh and has a healthy glow, my skin looks the best it has ever looked!!

Overall I think I would purchase the Glow Tonic again and maybe the mud mask but I don’t think I would purchase the cleanser, I still haven’t found ‘THE’ cleanser, every cleanser I use has something I don’t like about it!

Rate the product: 7/10

Would I recommend it: Yes

Would I repurchase: Not all the products!

If you do want to buy yourself this version it is no longer available in M&S however you can buy it from HERE, which I think is worth it as you get all three products to try out before knowing if you like them.

Thank you for reading my review!





Cupping – My Experience

I am actually really excited to share this post with you guys, when I posted my picture on Instagram after my cupping session I had a lot of people asking me so many questions and I hope I can answer them all in this post!

What is cupping?

For those of you who don’t really know what it is or are unsure of what it is, cupping is an ancient holistic therapy where cups are placed on your skin for a couple of minutes and to create suction, which then follows in small cuts being made in the area where blood and toxins are drawn out, people usually have this done for inflammation, blood flow, well-being, relaxation and pain.

Cupping treats many health problems including; Headaches/migraines, stress, sports injuries, shoulder back and neck pain, muscular pain, sciatica, skin disorders, depression/anxiety, diabetes, asthma, quitting smoking, joint pain, fatigue, digestive problems, weight management, kidney disorder, deep detox and many more!

Cupping is also a prophetic tradition performed by Muslims. The prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping” (Saheeh Al-Bukharee 5371) There are certain sunnah points of cupping on the body which cures diseases.

So I was contacted by Sadia from Cupping For Health who asked me if I would like to come in for a cupping session, now I have heard of cupping and several years ago I did have it done, it wasn’t much just one cup and to be fare I don’t remember much about it or how I felt, so when I saw this message I was like, yeah, cool sounds good I’ll do it- If you know me, you will know I’m always up for anything I’m so curious about how things work so of course I was game! We agreed I would come down on the day she in Stoke and that was it, I never really decided to look into it or ask many questions until I mentioned it to some people and I got questions like ‘Is she qualified to do it?’ or ‘Is her equipment sterile?’ and the one that scared me the most ‘You do know you lose a lot of blood?‘ – Like wow, typical me I never even asked!

ANYWAYS long story short I was very anxious coming closer to Thursday I was thinking omg whats gonna happen… Come Thursday I turned up (late! Sorry again Sadia) It’s in the genes WERE ALWAYS LATE !! So, I got there and I felt more anxious like ‘yup I’m gonna die’ kind of anxious, we got into the room and spoke a little she explained the procedure as I filled in a short form – which I’m not gonna lie made me feel more anxious- )something about forms when your at a clinic just scare me I’m forever thinking about how I’m signing my life away haha!) I keep going off track, But as Sadia spoke to me and answered my questions I began to feel more relaxed she made the whole thing so relaxing it was amazing I was actually worried about meeting this person I don’t know and having her do some sort of butchery to my back!! But she honestly was the kindest and sweetest person!

The procedure now, THIS is what FREAKS people out…googling cupping is the worst thing you could do, if you haven’t ever had it done, it looks CRAY, like these cups full of blood attached to your back and you’re sat there wondering ‘what sort of MONSTROSITY IS THIS!?’ It really is NOT how it looks. The procedure is pretty straightforward the cups are placed in certain areas of your body according to what you are wanting to do the cupping for and the skin is sucked into the cup using a hand vacuum (this is not like a hoover! its a small pump its in the pictures above) and left for a few minutes to draw any toxins towards that area, it is then taken off and VERY light scratches are made within the area where the cup was, these are not deep at all and feel like light strokes the blade used for this are sterile and very sharp so they create a cut without needing any effort. The cups are then reapplied and the toxins within the blood are drawn out of the body. Once all toxins have been removed the cups are take off carefully and black seed oil is used to apply over the cuts, this is to keep them from being infected and the skin to heal quickly.

Once Sadia started the procedure I still felt a little nervous however she was so calm and easy to talk to, it made everything that much easier so once I was ready she talked me through it all again and made me feel a lot better. I also got asked ‘Does It Hurt?‘, omg NO it’s pain freee!!! I didn’t feel anything at all when she did the cups and cutting, the only thing I could feel was the blood coming out of the cuts, it was a weird feeling but nothing scary, or painful! While the blood was coming out I felt, well I cannot describe in words how I felt it was as if some sort of weight was lifted off my back it was one of the most amazing feelings ever, It was as if I was in touch with my soul, I felt so peaceful. I honestly cannot find the words to describe it! Once the blood was out and the cups were ready to come off Sadia showed me the toxins she had removed, not gonna lie it was gross, but honestly the feeling was amazing! She applied black seed oil to the areas she had treated and talked me through the aftercare and we were done, the whole treatment lasted around 35 minutes. The cups that were placed on me were aimed to cure fatigue, stress, chest pains and anxiety.

The following few days after cupping I felt like a whole new person, I was sleeping well and getting through the day so well! I was shocked, I was always feeling tired and fatigued, that was all gone! I wasn’t stressing as I always do it was so good! The marks went after around 5 days, the only thing I found was that the areas felt so itchy but I ‘want to scratch them incase of scarring the area! So I think it’s safe to say this is probably one of the best things I have ever done and I am surely going to keep having it done, Sadia recommended for people who are having it done for their very first time they should have it done every 4-6 weeks (upto three times), then around 3 times a year, or more if needed!






The lady I had my treatment done from is called Sadia she is located in three different cities Birmingham, Stoke On Trent and Nottingham you can find her at:

Stoke-On-Trent: M Club (Festival Park)

Birmingham: Solihull wellbeing centre (Hall Green)

Nottingham: Lenton Business Centre

She has 7+ years experience in cupping and has studied cupping abroad in Egypt for 1 year! I have been to another person once before and I don’t like slandering businesses online but, the other person was not as informative and not as reassuring, Sadia talked to me about her qualifications, made me feel at ease, I mean if you are able to book her I would HIGHLY recommend! She is very good at what she does, you can also find her on her social media Facebook & Instagram.

It’s also important for me to add she uses NEW disposable cupping equipment for each patient (pump & blade)

You can also contact her on: 07967045628. I WhatsApp her you can ring or message whatever you prefer.


I know this blog post is waaay longer than I expected it to be but I wanted to get every detail in

Thank you for reading!


Ride Or Die Tag

I thought as seen as I love reading other bloggers ‘Ride Or Die’ Tags I could share with you guys my ride or die makeup products some of these are recent purchases but I seriously don’t see myself putting them down anytime soon!

So I am going to begin with my base!

The first product in my ride or dies is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I have QUICKLY fallen in love with this primer, I am so happy I received it in my Asiana Beauty Box (Find out how to get yours HERE)

Next, it’s my colour corrector from NYX Cosmetics, I love this palette, I use ALL the shades but mostly the yellow, peach and green. They really do make a difference to my finished look!

This is my most favourite foundation, if I had to choose the only ever foundation to use for the rest of my life it would be the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy foundation! It’s my go to when I am going for an everyday look, it’s also amazing for a glam look the ‘dewy’ look gives the face a natural glow! LOVE ITT!!!

Concealer, I have used many concealers and switched them all up, but the one I have always repurchased and love the most is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

Brooowwss, for my brows I can not live without the Maybelline Satin Brow! This double ended brow pencil is perfect for a quick fill-in to a defined brow.

Moving on the eyes, My Holy Grail eyeliner that I never shut up about is the AOM Extreme Art Liner Pen. For mascara I have to pick the Maybelline Lucious Lash Sensational mascara, I have not used anything else since the day I purchased this, it’s amazing!! My ride or die eyeshadow palette is definitely the Kat Von D Shade & Light EYE palette(Full Review Here).

Contouring is my favourite part of doing my makeup! I love how I can define my cheeks to my hearts content or add a little definition if I am going for a simple ‘no makeup’ look! To contour I use two products, firstly it’s my cream contour stick from AOM Cosmetics(Full review Here), these are amazing! If you don’t already own them I suggest you invest in them! For powder I use my Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette, this is the best thing I ever purchased.

If you know me, you will know that I use this blusher palette almost every single day! It is the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette. The bottom three shades are the best combination for a natural blush colour for my face.

Lastly, for my lips I absolutely love the KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, this one is fairly new but I literally don’t use anything else anymore, I stick to these and my two perfect shades are; Bow n Arrow and Lolita II.

That’s all my Ride or Die products, as I said before I love reading these type of posts so leave yours below and I will definitely give it a read!!

Thank you for reading!


BeautyBay Haul & Review

Hey Guys! I am back!! welcome to my new site!!! Been trying to sort this out this month so I’ve not blogged for a while but damn it feels so good to be back and I have loads of things to share with you all!!

So, I purchased a couple of things from Beauty Bay and wanted to share my review of each product, It was a huge haul however I picked up a few GEMS and I am sooo glad I did :D.

I’m just going to get right into it the first thing I got was the Grab & go Mario Badescu Set, I forgot the actual name of the set and the sets not available on their site however you can purchase them individually or part of other sets. This set contains a rose water & aloe vera facial spray and their drying lotion.

    two are amazing! The facial spray can be used as a makeup setting spray, a toner or a just to help skin feel and look better and boy does it work! this set contained the mini travel version and I have finished it already and I’m going to be repurchasing the actual bottle next, since using it my skin looks fresh and feels smooth and hydrated. I sprayed this in my morning skin care routine, after I have done my makeup (even if I have used a setting spray already) and in my night time skincare routine, it’s brilliant! The best thing I have purchased! The spray retails for

The next product in this duo pack was the Mario Badescu drying lotion, it’s amazing I have never seen a product work so fast and so well! You simply dip a cotton bud into the bottle and take some of the pink product from the bottom and put it over each spot on your face and leave it over night, it dries the spot up, some spots need repeated treatment for 2 or 3 days but it goes right down without leaving and marks or any temptation to pop the spot (I have a REALLY bad habit of popping spots, I CAN’T HELP IT!) The product looks like this (picture above) so its clear liquid and the actual product is at the bottom so you have to keep the bottle upright,  this retails at £16 here. Definitely worth it but I would recommend to look out for the sets that have a number of the Mario Badescu products in them, I am so glad I discovered these products!! Thanks to the girls who recommended it!

Next I’m going to talk about the L.A Girl HD loose setting powder, I am looking for a setting powder that won’t patch up under my eyes, and unfortunately this was not the one! It sets my makeup fine but under my eyes it just went patchy so it’s now sitting in the drawer with all the other failed products! It’s a loose powder so you can imagine how messy it can get however if you be careful you can minimise all the crazy fall out. I was trying to find it on the beautybay website because I forgot how much it was and I can’t find it? So I’m guessing they might have got rid of it? or temporarily took it down I’m  not sure.

Top: 24Seven Bottom: Mars

I saved the best till last, these are (well was because I have currently lost it!!) one of my most favourite lipsticks and they are the Coloured Raine Matte Lipsticks these were recommended, well she raved about them so much I think she got everyone she knows to buy them, haha by PhosBeauty (check out her blog it’s amazing)! I got the shades ‘Mars’ a beautiful brown shade and ’24Seven’ a muted rose shade. These lipsticks are everything you look for in a matte lipstick!! Lightweight, great coverage, doesn’t dry your lips it’s so comfortable!, stays ALL DAY and I mean ALL DAY even after eating and drinking, obviously it wears off a little but at the end of the day it’s still there!! The shade ‘Mars is AMAZING! it’s my GO TO…well before I misplaced it, Still looking for it :(. I love these lipsticks and think everyone should get them! I got mine on sale for £8!

So that’s my mini haul/reviews done! I definitely recommend the Mario Badescu and coloured raine products! Thank you for reading my post!!


I just wanted to add, my skin problems have all been resolved by changing up some of my skin care products! Let me know if you want to see a post on that!

Kat Von D Metal Matte Review

I saw this palette on someone else’s Instagram and I knew I had to have it! I have fallen in love with Kat Von D’s products since I picked some amazing products from Debenhams check out my Kat Von D Haul. Debenhams stocked this at the end of October and after the longest few weeks of my life and checking their website almost every day! I finally got it and here is my review on it…

Firstly the packaging is the same as the usual palettes soft to touch and sleek, with the name embossed across the lid, one thing I really liked about this palette was how the name on the palette says ‘Metal’ and when you turn it around it says ‘Matte’

Metal…..turn it around….and it says Matte!


The palette itself is HUGE I never really thought it would be as big as it is! It contains 22 shades, 9 metal shades and 13 matte shade.or should I say 22 HIGHLY pigmented shades! WhenI first got this palette I did some swatches on my Insta story – Yes I couldn’t wait! here are swatches of the shades..


These are the Mattes in the sun light, getting the right lighting nowadays is SO hard!! I tried my best, just look at that’s gorgeous! some of the shades were better than others, the third shade down from the top is literally my skin colour it just blended into my skin LOL I think this will be a perfect transition shade, or something for a no makeup look! Another thing I really liked about this palette is the variety of colours it doesn’t stick to one type. The matte shades do have a little fallout but if you’re gentle with your brush and light-handed it’s nothing to worry about.

A picture of the swatches with no SUN light.

Next are the Metal shades, I love these shades! they are so pigmented and look amazing when on they are worn, like the matte shades these are so creamy and look as good on the eyes as they are on the swatches!

The metal shades really are beautiful and they are not too shimmery so they can be work on a normal day without looking OTT!

The palette is a lot bigger than the normal KVD palettes, I have a picture to compare the sizes


And if you don’t have the normal KVD palettes then I did a size comparison with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, this really did make my urban decay palette look TINY HAHA!


The pans are SLIGHTLY smaller than the normal KVD eyeshadow…


The palette costs £50, which is pretty expensive however, I paid £30 because I had £20 on my Debenhams Beauty Card YAAY! If you want to buy this palette you can do here and it is currently on sale 10% off so…£45.

Overall I love this palette, it’s Kat Von D I don’t think her products would ever fail me I live them all 🙂

Rate this product: 10/10

Would I recommend this product: Yes

Would I repurchase this product: I don’t really repurchase eye shadow palettes, but I would definitely purchase more Kat Von D eye shadows! they’re really good!

Do you own any of Kat Von D’s products, any recommendations?