Something Was Not Right … Part 2

Okay, so I had to split the post into two it was getting WAY too long! If you made it to part two and you’re still reading then know, You’re loyal, I love you, I appreciate you – ‘DJ Khaled moment, if you don’t have them what are you even doing with your life!’

So the next day I woke up and had a sense of relief as if something good is happening, I had no stress on my mind and I didn’t really have to chase anyone up for anything because – I couldn’t I had no phone? it was eid so I just drove to mums, no one bashing my phone asking where I am if I could do them a favor, how long I am going to be and it was AWESOME! Yeah, I couldn’t connect my phone to the car so I had to listen to old music from years ago but it was alright, there were some wicked songs that brought back memories which I loved! So the rest of the day went by and I realised how much of LIFE I actually was missing out on while my head was buried in my phone 90% of the day, I was having long conversations with the kids – which everyone with kids will know how interesting this can be! We were doing things I wouldn’t usually do because I was ‘busy‘, doing what exactly? watching other peoples Snapchat stories, while they’re ACTUALLY out with their families while I’m sat at home in my PJs ordering in a takeaway?- not that there is anything wrong with doing that, sometimes we all need a break from the day to day graft! Okay on to that evening I put the kids to bed as usual watched a bit of TV, pulled out the kids Ipad and downloaded Instagram and it was so annoying to use on there, which when I think back now was actually a good thing, so I used it to message my closest people and went up to bed, I was finding it so weird because usualy what I do is jump into bed, on the phone, switching between Instagram, Snapchat, youtube, facebook, maybe 2 or 3 times, talking on whatsapp till my eyes can not stay open then, going to sleep! So as I went up I was like ‘what the hell am I going to do, my husband was working late so no one to physically talk to either, but when I got into bed I just lay there like WOW, no one is going to bother me today, I was half over the fact I couldn’t access my social media acounts so I went to sleep, and slept like a baby!!


The following day I was actually a much happier person I was ME, and for a very long time I have not felt like ME, I was buzzing around the house doing the house work, NOT screaming at the kids who are ‘doing my head in’ as I would have said if I was buried into my phone like the world is on my shoulders or something, I had a clearer head I was so content and happy with myself and life in general and it wasn’t like I had won the lottery or something HUGE had happened, I literally just didn’t have a phone! It was so refreshing. After the house work was done the kids were changed and fed I sat with my tea as the kids played upstairs and it HIT ME, this is going to sound REALLY sad but it is the ACTUAL truth, I had NO LIFE, literally my so called ‘FRIENDS’ whatsapped me, we hardly ever see each other, what happened to, lets go out and do *INSERT ANY ACTIVITY* today?, we lost contact and didn’t stay in touch how I thought we did, I USED to blog, my last post was ages ago and it’s probably half hearted and forced because I felt the NEED to post, then I started wondering when was the last time I saw so n so, or whens the last time we went out to eat with the kids, whens the last time we had fun without HAVING to post it on Instagram or Snapchat painting myself a FUN filled – ‘oh we’re so fun we ate an ice cream‘ life? Seriously was it that deep? was I REALLY that sucked in that I HAD to post shit ALLLLL the time to get likes and follows ??? At that moment my whole PERSPECTIVE of MY life changed, what the hell have I become? I have an internet life and no REAL life? I have 100s of friends online but who’s going to really care if one day I needed a shoulder to cry on or someone to just go out an ‘chill’ with (this doesn’t mean I have no real friends LOL my friends know who they are and I love you all lol) – It’s just a bigger picture of what has been going on for the last few months and WHY I had that un easy feeling, and knew that something was just NOT RIGHT!


My phone was due back on Monday and when my husband told me it’s not ready I was relieved I didn’t want it back, I liked this New/Old me, I was genuinely happy and wanted to go out, ME, YES ME, I WANTED to go out, see people do things, I am not an outside kind of person and I now know it was all down to me getting comfortable with this life I have online and used it to label myself as an anti-social person, hell no! If you knew me 6 years ago you would know that I spoke to EVERYONE, I was the opposite to anti social, I was confident and fun to be around, over the years I closed myself up, and dealt with a couple of issues and this is what I had become! The fact that reality hit me so hard and woke me up goes to show I really was heading in NO direction, I had SO much more time to collect my thoughts and really put things into perspective, I started blogging as a hobby and something FUN to do as I was at home most the time and left uni because I was pregnant, I don’t regret my decision then I only feel sad that I got lost in the whole blogging world and became a people pleaser, I genuinely started to worry if I spoke the truth about a certain something I didn’t like it will  make me look like a shady person or that people will think I’m a b**ch. Even my family around me noticed the happy me without a phone, I low key believe my mum cursed my phone the night it broke because I spent Eid day looking like a tramp sat at my mums house scrolling down Instagram liking everyones Eid selfies LOL!!!

The third day was the best I was not fussed about my phone I was out with the kids, shopping, having fun and being me, don’t get me wrong I did want to snap the food I was eating LMAO, coz if you didn’t snap it did you REALLY eat it? 😀 ,  Since getting my phone back I have been vaguely using it, I want to keep the ‘happy’ me feeling and found that social media is SCARILY very addicting!! I also started to leave my phone downstairs rather than taking it up with me at night, I love that I’m getting my sleep in and waking up without a head ache or feeling grumpy!

All in all breaking my phone was a blessing in disguise so thank you to the person who made me mad which resulted in me smashing my phone! I’m taking a step back in life and will be reminding myself why I started blogging, why I am sharing things with my followers who are few but some of the nicest people I have ever met, I didn’t care about followers back then so I shouldn’t have to care about them now,  I started this for me, not them. I have come out of this short ordeal with a massive lesson and really wanted to share this with you guys only because it really is important to step away from social media and take in life, the real things around you whether you agree with me or not I know deep down we all get a little obsessive over our Instagram likes and Twitter followers, if you don’t agree then your just in denial….why lie? (LOL If you know, you know).

That is it, for now guys, that was my little story I really wanted to share it with you guys, we’re all guilty of getting sucked into the whole Instagram thing, and we all need to realise, it’s all a fraction of peoples lives, maybe a 0.001% of their day, so don’t let it make you think/feel like anyone is any better than you are, they probably just have a better camera. LOL (That goes for me my camera is SHIT, I apologise to all the lovely people who still watch my blurry Insta stories!!)

Till next time…



Something Was Not Right… Part 1

My life started when I broke my phone – A little dramatic? Yes, some may say however this is exactly how I felt when I was left without my phone for 72 hours! Okay, I know a lot of people will think, it’s just a phone? It’s not that deep but the phone wasn’t the case, it was the social media apps on my phone that I was forever switching between, whether I was just browsing the internet googling random things or scrolling down my Instagram feed liking a dozen pictures, pictures that people uploaded to put out an image of themselves or portray how they live their lives – and this was the ultimate ‘murdering weapon’. Again, over dramatic? I think not!

The story begins about a month ago when I had an uneasy feeling, you know the ones where you just know something is just not right? like something is missing and you just can’t put your finger on it? Or you’ve lost something but you forgot what you’ve lost – Yes I can actually get this deep sometimes LOL.

If you know me you will know I don’t like to just do ‘anything’, I have to always be doing something whether that is studying, blogging or even working, something to keep me sane and keep me moving forward, I really felt like when I started blogging I had found something I LOVE doing and it was fun, sharing my thoughts and opinions online with like minded people, trying and testing new things, it was AMAZING. But a couple of weeks ago I was ‘done’ with blogging, sick of Instagram, and felt like I was losing touch with what I once loved and questioned what will I be doing next? was blogging just a phase? Am I ‘over’ it? as some people say. Even working for The Body Shop, another thing I really loved when I first started out, was slowly boring me, I was getting tired of keeping up, my goals I made months ago began to look like pointless things I desired and will never achieve – and it did make me feel like a failure – AGAIN, lol another thing you will know if you know me personally is I have tried and failed in a lot of things in life – don’t get me wrong I’m  not playing the sad little victim, I’m proud of my failures that got me here, where I am today, at least I can’t say I never tried it right?

Okay so back to where I was, social media was putting me off day by day, I made a new account, follow if you’re not already @beautybyaneesa. Now something I know a lot of bloggers will not admit but we’re all guilty of doing at some point was getting a little desperate for ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ I actually thought I was NOT one of those people that gave a shit but in reality I actually was, and THIS is where it all went wrong because when I first started blogging I didn’t care about followers it was all about reviewing makeup, something I loved and wore almost every day and thought why not share this with people, it was so much fun, I met some AMAZING people, some who have become basically sisters I never thought I would have 😀 but then Instagram started to become a competition and there were loads of bloggers wanting to share their pages and then it all became about how many ‘LIKES’ we could get, and then my thoughts would always go to ‘oh that’s ugly I can’t share that‘ or ‘my face/eye/nose/lips look weird I can’t share that‘ or ‘rubbish lighting/rubbish quality/needs more hashtags/need to tag the world in this one‘ and I slowly became a what you would call a ‘people pleaser’ there was none of ME left on my page, it was all about getting more followers and likes and then I guess the obsession can only last a while before you get sick of it and realise you’ve lost all the passion you once had and it’s now been taken over by a NEW you who isn’t really you but an internet version of you?

Then there was the ILLUSION! Other peoples Instagrams were what you would call ‘LIT’, amazing feed and beautifully photographed scenes of holidays and family day outs, new house/car/pet/baby or perfect swatches that got 1000s of likes and that is when I began to compare my (what I called) SHIT page to other pages, another BIG mistake – we all do it, before I get people giving me any crap, you know you do it, you won’t admit it but YOU DO IT! and that is NOT how it works and I knew this when I first started I looked at these other pages and it inspired me and now it just made my page look shit – So fast forward to last week when I broke my phone, for the first hour I literally sat there with my phone in one hand and my fingers typing away on the laptop with the other asking the oh so great ‘google’ Will I ever get my photos off this phone? and I remember feeling so upset, not because my phone broke coz that can be replaced but because the thousands of pictures I might be losing and haven’t backed up anywhere – (Quick update I got my pictures back! LOL or I wouldn’t be writing this post I would be crying somewhere in the corner of the house LMAO- phones can be replaced but the memories pictures hold can NEVER be replaced!!).


I had to split this story because it got way too long part 2 will be uploaded SOON!

Thank you for reading, I know this is something different to what I normally write about but I like changes, let me know what you think !!


x o x

20 Blog Post Ideas

Bloggers block is one of the worst things ever! Okay, maybe that was slightly dramatic but honestly, it comes out of nowhere and leaves you feeling like your blog is slowly dying! This happened to me recently so I thought I would do a post on some blog ideas, hoping to get my brain moving at the same time, the best thing about blogging is there’s no WAY of blogging, how you should write, how you should put things, it’s all in your hands, you choose the idea, you get creative, you create YOUR masterpiece! This is honestly one of the reasons I love blogging, I can be me and write down my thoughts! Anyways getting off topic, so I’m obviously writing post ideas from my niche, you can change them make them your own etc.

  1. FavouritesEveryone loves a favourites post! What your loving can be interesting to those who are looking to buy or try the same thing out!!
  2. ReviewsThis is something I am forever looking for online, literally before I buy anything, I’m shuffling around the store trying to find some wifi, finding reviews!!
  3. How To’sThis can be about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, bring out your creative side, share how you do things, make things, store things!
  4. TipsI have found so many amazing and VERY easy simple tricks online to make things 100 times easier for me!! I love finding new ways to do things, try things wear things and we ALL have ways we do things!
  5. OOTD/MOTDThese are one of my favourite blog posts, finding new outfits or even taking inspiration from other outfits and makeup, I love it!
  6. Blog TipsShare your tips on blogging, how you take pictures for your blog, how you started your blog, how you manage your blog.
  7. Current Trendsthis can be fashion or beauty – what’s in and whats new, people always want to know about the latest trends!
  8. Amazing finds under £20/£10/£5Everyone loves a good bargain, share what all the cheap things you have bought and fallen in love with!
  9.  Splurge or SaveThese posts are life savers, if you have ever bought something, paid stupid money for it and hated it, you will know! So how about sharing it with people?
  10. Skin care routine – This one is another one I love reading and finding new products to buy and try!
  11. Makeup RoutinesThe thing about makeup routines is they are never the same, they change and that is according to the style you’re going for, so share a simple makeup, or if you’re feeling brave a full glam with the false lashes and cut crease! Whatever you prefer, its all in your hands!
  12. Favourite appsThis is a fun one, share what your loving in the technology world!
  13. Travel Travelling is such a beautiful and momentous thing to do, share where you’ve been, what you recommend checking out, it’s a fun way to talk about what you got up to on your last trip, that doesn’t mean you have to travel to Hawaii, you could literally share places in your own city!
  14. RecipesRecipes are another favourite post of mine, I am forever finding simple and tasty recipes online! 
  15. DupesFound a dupe for an expensive product? SHARE IT! Everyone loves a cheaper alternative!
  16. GiveawaysHost a giveaway, people love free stuff!! This brings more followers to your blog!
  17. Create a listLike this post! ‘Top 10…’ or ‘5 Tips to..’
  18. Success/FailsPost about something you succeeded in or failed in! It’s fun and shares the REAL you to your readers!- Obviously, if it’s personal- it’s best to keep it to yourself, the web is full of trolls!
  19. FactsShare some facts about you? A company? Another blogger?
  20. Collections This can be makeup collections, watch collections, shoes collections heck it can be your socks collection, remember it’s YOUR blog you can share what you like!


I hope the list gives you some inspiration and remember if you are going through bloggers block, it is NOT the end of the world, literally sometimes you just need a break away from the laptop, phone, ipad or whatever it is you use to blog! Get up, go for a walk, eat drink! Refresh your mind !!!

If you liked this post and would like to see more posts like this let me know!!


Cupping – My Experience

I am actually really excited to share this post with you guys, when I posted my picture on Instagram after my cupping session I had a lot of people asking me so many questions and I hope I can answer them all in this post!

What is cupping?

For those of you who don’t really know what it is or are unsure of what it is, cupping is an ancient holistic therapy where cups are placed on your skin for a couple of minutes and to create suction, which then follows in small cuts being made in the area where blood and toxins are drawn out, people usually have this done for inflammation, blood flow, well-being, relaxation and pain.

Cupping treats many health problems including; Headaches/migraines, stress, sports injuries, shoulder back and neck pain, muscular pain, sciatica, skin disorders, depression/anxiety, diabetes, asthma, quitting smoking, joint pain, fatigue, digestive problems, weight management, kidney disorder, deep detox and many more!

Cupping is also a prophetic tradition performed by Muslims. The prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping” (Saheeh Al-Bukharee 5371) There are certain sunnah points of cupping on the body which cures diseases.

So I was contacted by Sadia from Cupping For Health who asked me if I would like to come in for a cupping session, now I have heard of cupping and several years ago I did have it done, it wasn’t much just one cup and to be fare I don’t remember much about it or how I felt, so when I saw this message I was like, yeah, cool sounds good I’ll do it- If you know me, you will know I’m always up for anything I’m so curious about how things work so of course I was game! We agreed I would come down on the day she in Stoke and that was it, I never really decided to look into it or ask many questions until I mentioned it to some people and I got questions like ‘Is she qualified to do it?’ or ‘Is her equipment sterile?’ and the one that scared me the most ‘You do know you lose a lot of blood?‘ – Like wow, typical me I never even asked!

ANYWAYS long story short I was very anxious coming closer to Thursday I was thinking omg whats gonna happen… Come Thursday I turned up (late! Sorry again Sadia) It’s in the genes WERE ALWAYS LATE !! So, I got there and I felt more anxious like ‘yup I’m gonna die’ kind of anxious, we got into the room and spoke a little she explained the procedure as I filled in a short form – which I’m not gonna lie made me feel more anxious- )something about forms when your at a clinic just scare me I’m forever thinking about how I’m signing my life away haha!) I keep going off track, But as Sadia spoke to me and answered my questions I began to feel more relaxed she made the whole thing so relaxing it was amazing I was actually worried about meeting this person I don’t know and having her do some sort of butchery to my back!! But she honestly was the kindest and sweetest person!

The procedure now, THIS is what FREAKS people out…googling cupping is the worst thing you could do, if you haven’t ever had it done, it looks CRAY, like these cups full of blood attached to your back and you’re sat there wondering ‘what sort of MONSTROSITY IS THIS!?’ It really is NOT how it looks. The procedure is pretty straightforward the cups are placed in certain areas of your body according to what you are wanting to do the cupping for and the skin is sucked into the cup using a hand vacuum (this is not like a hoover! its a small pump its in the pictures above) and left for a few minutes to draw any toxins towards that area, it is then taken off and VERY light scratches are made within the area where the cup was, these are not deep at all and feel like light strokes the blade used for this are sterile and very sharp so they create a cut without needing any effort. The cups are then reapplied and the toxins within the blood are drawn out of the body. Once all toxins have been removed the cups are take off carefully and black seed oil is used to apply over the cuts, this is to keep them from being infected and the skin to heal quickly.

Once Sadia started the procedure I still felt a little nervous however she was so calm and easy to talk to, it made everything that much easier so once I was ready she talked me through it all again and made me feel a lot better. I also got asked ‘Does It Hurt?‘, omg NO it’s pain freee!!! I didn’t feel anything at all when she did the cups and cutting, the only thing I could feel was the blood coming out of the cuts, it was a weird feeling but nothing scary, or painful! While the blood was coming out I felt, well I cannot describe in words how I felt it was as if some sort of weight was lifted off my back it was one of the most amazing feelings ever, It was as if I was in touch with my soul, I felt so peaceful. I honestly cannot find the words to describe it! Once the blood was out and the cups were ready to come off Sadia showed me the toxins she had removed, not gonna lie it was gross, but honestly the feeling was amazing! She applied black seed oil to the areas she had treated and talked me through the aftercare and we were done, the whole treatment lasted around 35 minutes. The cups that were placed on me were aimed to cure fatigue, stress, chest pains and anxiety.

The following few days after cupping I felt like a whole new person, I was sleeping well and getting through the day so well! I was shocked, I was always feeling tired and fatigued, that was all gone! I wasn’t stressing as I always do it was so good! The marks went after around 5 days, the only thing I found was that the areas felt so itchy but I ‘want to scratch them incase of scarring the area! So I think it’s safe to say this is probably one of the best things I have ever done and I am surely going to keep having it done, Sadia recommended for people who are having it done for their very first time they should have it done every 4-6 weeks (upto three times), then around 3 times a year, or more if needed!






The lady I had my treatment done from is called Sadia she is located in three different cities Birmingham, Stoke On Trent and Nottingham you can find her at:

Stoke-On-Trent: M Club (Festival Park)

Birmingham: Solihull wellbeing centre (Hall Green)

Nottingham: Lenton Business Centre

She has 7+ years experience in cupping and has studied cupping abroad in Egypt for 1 year! I have been to another person once before and I don’t like slandering businesses online but, the other person was not as informative and not as reassuring, Sadia talked to me about her qualifications, made me feel at ease, I mean if you are able to book her I would HIGHLY recommend! She is very good at what she does, you can also find her on her social media Facebook & Instagram.

It’s also important for me to add she uses NEW disposable cupping equipment for each patient (pump & blade)

You can also contact her on: 07967045628. I WhatsApp her you can ring or message whatever you prefer.


I know this blog post is waaay longer than I expected it to be but I wanted to get every detail in

Thank you for reading!


Blogging Made Easy – Review

So if you’re following me on my Instagram you will know that I have recently read the book ‘Blogging Made Easy’. I first saw this book on one of my all time favourite Youtubers channel; Rumena Begum. So I purchased the book as I am always looking to better my blog as a whole and I am so glad that I did! This book covers everything any newbie or even an experienced blogger would need!

So I thought I would do a quick review of what this book covers and my thoughts on it.

I first started blogging as a hobby, something I could do in my spare time as I was driving myself crazy, sat around all day getting bigger! (I was pregnant and had to drop out of university). I never realised I would actually learn so much and that the blogging world is so BIG! I am not complaining I actually love blogging and have found myself in such a good place I never thought it would be this much fun! Anyway back to the point, so I wish I had this book back then , although I do believe in learning from your own mistakes.


So what does this book cover, from the very basics of blogging so where to start and what platforms are recommended, I love how with each point made in this book there are recommendations for you to go and check out. The book goes through each and every social media platform in full detail and explains literally everything about each platform which was my MOST favourite part of the whole book! I learnt so much and I have applied so many things into my own blog/social media sites and I have already seen so much difference in my stats I am so pleased! I can only see this going making my blog go bigger and better!

The book goes into detail about SEO and ways to really get your blog out there, I personally had no idea about SEO and how important it was to apply it into my blogs and honestly I have taken it all on board and like I said before I am seeing results in my stats, although everyone says ‘don’t watch your stats’ I can’t help but see how well everything is going eeek! For a very very small blogger this is honestly a huge achievement!

I like that throughout the book there are case studies from other bloggers who give their tips to make your blog successful, it also features one of my favourite Youtubers!

The book also covers brand collaborations, how to reach out to brands and PR companies, this was something I am now looking into as I  have been blogging for almost a year now and I feel like I am ready to step it up a notch and really get my blog out there, I am always finding ways, small tips and tricks and honestly this book is FULL of them! It is all the small things put together which help build your blog and social media!


I am nowhere near where I want to be however building my blog every day is what I love doing and I am going to keep doing! This book has honestly made me see things differently and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about starting a blog or anyone who is already blogging!

One thing I would like to add is, have a notepad and pen ready to take notes, I had a lot of things to note down and I also marked pages that were I felt were most important for me. This book gives you everything you need and at the end it explains what you need to do next so I was ready to start working on my blog!

You can purchase this book from Amazon HERE, before purchasing the book you can read some of the beginning, when I say some I mean it’s actually quite a lot, I did this and then decided to buy the whole book,.

I purchase this book myself, it was not given to me for free or to review and the above review is my own opinion and was not influenced by any third party!