Ride Or Die Tag

I thought as seen as I love reading other bloggers ‘Ride Or Die’ Tags I could share with you guys my ride or die makeup products some of these are recent purchases but I seriously don’t see myself putting them down anytime soon!

So I am going to begin with my base!

The first product in my ride or dies is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I have QUICKLY fallen in love with this primer, I am so happy I received it in my Asiana Beauty Box (Find out how to get yours HERE)

Next, it’s my colour corrector from NYX Cosmetics, I love this palette, I use ALL the shades but mostly the yellow, peach and green. They really do make a difference to my finished look!

This is my most favourite foundation, if I had to choose the only ever foundation to use for the rest of my life it would be the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy foundation! It’s my go to when I am going for an everyday look, it’s also amazing for a glam look the ‘dewy’ look gives the face a natural glow! LOVE ITT!!!

Concealer, I have used many concealers and switched them all up, but the one I have always repurchased and love the most is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.

Brooowwss, for my brows I can not live without the Maybelline Satin Brow! This double ended brow pencil is perfect for a quick fill-in to a defined brow.

Moving on the eyes, My Holy Grail eyeliner that I never shut up about is the AOM Extreme Art Liner Pen. For mascara I have to pick the Maybelline Lucious Lash Sensational mascara, I have not used anything else since the day I purchased this, it’s amazing!! My ride or die eyeshadow palette is definitely the Kat Von D Shade & Light EYE palette(Full Review Here).

Contouring is my favourite part of doing my makeup! I love how I can define my cheeks to my hearts content or add a little definition if I am going for a simple ‘no makeup’ look! To contour I use two products, firstly it’s my cream contour stick from AOM Cosmetics(Full review Here), these are amazing! If you don’t already own them I suggest you invest in them! For powder I use my Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette, this is the best thing I ever purchased.

If you know me, you will know that I use this blusher palette almost every single day! It is the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette. The bottom three shades are the best combination for a natural blush colour for my face.

Lastly, for my lips I absolutely love the KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, this one is fairly new but I literally don’t use anything else anymore, I stick to these and my two perfect shades are; Bow n Arrow and Lolita II.

That’s all my Ride or Die products, as I said before I love reading these type of posts so leave yours below and I will definitely give it a read!!

Thank you for reading!


BeautyBay Haul & Review

Hey Guys! I am back!! welcome to my new site!!! Been trying to sort this out this month so I’ve not blogged for a while but damn it feels so good to be back and I have loads of things to share with you all!!

So, I purchased a couple of things from Beauty Bay and wanted to share my review of each product, It was a huge haul however I picked up a few GEMS and I am sooo glad I did :D.

I’m just going to get right into it the first thing I got was the Grab & go Mario Badescu Set, I forgot the actual name of the set and the sets not available on their site however you can purchase them individually or part of other sets. This set contains a rose water & aloe vera facial spray and their drying lotion.

    two are amazing! The facial spray can be used as a makeup setting spray, a toner or a just to help skin feel and look better and boy does it work! this set contained the mini travel version and I have finished it already and I’m going to be repurchasing the actual bottle next, since using it my skin looks fresh and feels smooth and hydrated. I sprayed this in my morning skin care routine, after I have done my makeup (even if I have used a setting spray already) and in my night time skincare routine, it’s brilliant! The best thing I have purchased! The spray retails for

The next product in this duo pack was the Mario Badescu drying lotion, it’s amazing I have never seen a product work so fast and so well! You simply dip a cotton bud into the bottle and take some of the pink product from the bottom and put it over each spot on your face and leave it over night, it dries the spot up, some spots need repeated treatment for 2 or 3 days but it goes right down without leaving and marks or any temptation to pop the spot (I have a REALLY bad habit of popping spots, I CAN’T HELP IT!) The product looks like this (picture above) so its clear liquid and the actual product is at the bottom so you have to keep the bottle upright,  this retails at £16 here. Definitely worth it but I would recommend to look out for the sets that have a number of the Mario Badescu products in them, I am so glad I discovered these products!! Thanks to the girls who recommended it!

Next I’m going to talk about the L.A Girl HD loose setting powder, I am looking for a setting powder that won’t patch up under my eyes, and unfortunately this was not the one! It sets my makeup fine but under my eyes it just went patchy so it’s now sitting in the drawer with all the other failed products! It’s a loose powder so you can imagine how messy it can get however if you be careful you can minimise all the crazy fall out. I was trying to find it on the beautybay website because I forgot how much it was and I can’t find it? So I’m guessing they might have got rid of it? or temporarily took it down I’m  not sure.

Top: 24Seven Bottom: Mars

I saved the best till last, these are (well was because I have currently lost it!!) one of my most favourite lipsticks and they are the Coloured Raine Matte Lipsticks these were recommended, well she raved about them so much I think she got everyone she knows to buy them, haha by PhosBeauty (check out her blog it’s amazing)! I got the shades ‘Mars’ a beautiful brown shade and ’24Seven’ a muted rose shade. These lipsticks are everything you look for in a matte lipstick!! Lightweight, great coverage, doesn’t dry your lips it’s so comfortable!, stays ALL DAY and I mean ALL DAY even after eating and drinking, obviously it wears off a little but at the end of the day it’s still there!! The shade ‘Mars is AMAZING! it’s my GO TO…well before I misplaced it, Still looking for it :(. I love these lipsticks and think everyone should get them! I got mine on sale for £8!

So that’s my mini haul/reviews done! I definitely recommend the Mario Badescu and coloured raine products! Thank you for reading my post!!


I just wanted to add, my skin problems have all been resolved by changing up some of my skin care products! Let me know if you want to see a post on that!

Kat Von D Metal Matte Review

I saw this palette on someone else’s Instagram and I knew I had to have it! I have fallen in love with Kat Von D’s products since I picked some amazing products from Debenhams check out my Kat Von D Haul. Debenhams stocked this at the end of October and after the longest few weeks of my life and checking their website almost every day! I finally got it and here is my review on it…

Firstly the packaging is the same as the usual palettes soft to touch and sleek, with the name embossed across the lid, one thing I really liked about this palette was how the name on the palette says ‘Metal’ and when you turn it around it says ‘Matte’

Metal…..turn it around….and it says Matte!


The palette itself is HUGE I never really thought it would be as big as it is! It contains 22 shades, 9 metal shades and 13 matte shade.or should I say 22 HIGHLY pigmented shades! WhenI first got this palette I did some swatches on my Insta story – Yes I couldn’t wait! here are swatches of the shades..


These are the Mattes in the sun light, getting the right lighting nowadays is SO hard!! I tried my best, just look at that blue..it’s gorgeous! some of the shades were better than others, the third shade down from the top is literally my skin colour it just blended into my skin LOL I think this will be a perfect transition shade, or something for a no makeup look! Another thing I really liked about this palette is the variety of colours it doesn’t stick to one type. The matte shades do have a little fallout but if you’re gentle with your brush and light-handed it’s nothing to worry about.

A picture of the swatches with no SUN light.

Next are the Metal shades, I love these shades! they are so pigmented and look amazing when on they are worn, like the matte shades these are so creamy and look as good on the eyes as they are on the swatches!

The metal shades really are beautiful and they are not too shimmery so they can be work on a normal day without looking OTT!

The palette is a lot bigger than the normal KVD palettes, I have a picture to compare the sizes


And if you don’t have the normal KVD palettes then I did a size comparison with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, this really did make my urban decay palette look TINY HAHA!


The pans are SLIGHTLY smaller than the normal KVD eyeshadow…


The palette costs £50, which is pretty expensive however, I paid £30 because I had £20 on my Debenhams Beauty Card YAAY! If you want to buy this palette you can do here and it is currently on sale 10% off so…£45.

Overall I love this palette, it’s Kat Von D I don’t think her products would ever fail me I live them all 🙂

Rate this product: 10/10

Would I recommend this product: Yes

Would I repurchase this product: I don’t really repurchase eye shadow palettes, but I would definitely purchase more Kat Von D eye shadows! they’re really good!

Do you own any of Kat Von D’s products, any recommendations?


Kat Von D Lock It Foundation & Primer Review

I have been wanting to share my thoughts on the Kat Von D Lock- It Foundation and the Kat Von D Lock-It Featherweight Primer! I have been LOVING this duo since the day I bought them. I am actually so impressed with the Kat Von D range, every product I own is AMAZING! (Check out my other Kat Von D product reviews; Lock-It Creme ConcealerShade & Light Eye Contour PaletteShade & Light Contour Palette.


Lock-It Foundation


First things first..have you seen the packaging!? It is gorgeous, I love the shape and detail on this bottle, the little cap that covers the opening is so damn cute! it has an airless pump applicator which I was happy about, I don’t understand why some brands have no applicators for their foundations? Why would anybody even think that is going to be useful? for anyone? So the airless pump was designed to keep the products consistency from getting contaminated, I believe this may be because you don’t need much product therefore the foundation itself will last longer than the average foundation, which means it will need to be keep fresher for longer?!-pretty clever and useful!!

wp-1473933096507.jpgThe packaging aside, I purchased my shade by guessing AND hoping for the best! and it was a perfect match! the shade I bought is Medium 54, the bottle actually looked darker and I thought I had the wrong shade, but once I swatched it was the right shade,  I would say its a LITTLE dark however, it oxidises and looks lighter! So little about this product, Kat Von D claim that this foundation is’ Full Coverage, Highly Pigmented, Long Wearing, Transfer Proof, Fade-Free and has a Velvety Matte Finish’ Now that is a lot of claims all for one product? I have used this foundation enough to give a full review of how it went for me.

I took one pump on the back of my band and then dotted it around my face as I do with my normal foundation, I found that the consistency is quite thick, I buffed the foundation in using my Morphe buffing brush, it went on so smoothly over the Kat Von D Lock-It Primer and blended in beautifully! I have applied it using the Real techniques Miracle Sponge and both times the finish is smooth and flawless, It covered up all my blemishes (I used it without any colour correcting or concealing)!! The foundation lasted all day!! I wore it as I normally do between 8-10 hours (on longer days).

SO it is safe to say, it is definitely Long lasting and FULL coverage, I don’t even need as wp-1473933137133.jpgmuch as concealer as I normally do which brings us to the second claim, it IS highly pigmented, it covered the discoloration/redness/blemishes on my skin and once set the foundation does not fade for up to 8 hours after that it did and that is actually expected!

The only thing I would have to comment on is the finish, it states that that foundation has a ‘Velvet Matte’ finish, which isn’t wrong but, you only achieve that finish when using it with a cream based primer, well in my case I used the Lock-It Primer to achieve it but. Without primer the foundation is fully matte! Which I don’t mind at all, also with a silicone based primer it is goes on matte! So if your buying this for the velvet matte finish you will need a primer to work aside it, if not then the full matte works too!! Also it does sink into pores, BUT that can also be avoided by using a pore filling primer and/or setting powder! (this is another tip I use and love!)

Overall I LOVE this foundation! and highly recommend it, I really think it is worth every penny its cheaper than other high end foundation! This foundation costs £27 and retails at Debenhams online only at the moment I do think they will be in stores SOON!

Lock-It Featherweight Hydrating Primer

I decided to buy the primer as I was getting the foundation, I don’t own a high end primer so this is my first and the packaging is exactly like the Lock-It foundation, however it is white in colour, I was excited to try this out as I hadn’t really heard or seen many reviews about it.


The primer contains soothing properties such as aloe vera, jojoba and shea to hydrate and smoothen skin which gives a perfect base for your makeup, this product claims to hydrate skin and minimise the look of pores and make your foundation last longer.

One pump of this is quite alot, as you can see in the picture, and its actually more than enough, a little bit goes a long way, just like the foundation! This primer really does live up to its name, its very light once absorbed into the skin and really hydrates the skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth which makes it easy for foundation to glide on. This primer works amazing along with the Nars All Day Luminous foundation! I wanted to mention this because I was having a hard time liking the Nars foundation however since using this under it, it is in my good books!

This primer is that because is a hydrating primer and it leaves foundation looking dewy, so if you were to use a matte foundation it wouldn’t look matte unless you set your primer (More about setting primers can be found Here). The Primer does minimise the ‘look’ of pores but doesn’t fully hide them, but it does fill in small lines where foundation tends to sit such as the ‘smile’  lines or like the area around my nose, by the end of the day foundation usually sits together in these areas but since I have been using this that has not happened!

Over all this is like my FAVOURITE primer I am loving it, I have oily combination skin and this is perfect for me, it contains the moisture in my skin without making me look oily or cakey! This priemr retails for £24 at Debenhams, which is quite expensive for a primer however I feel it is absolutely worth it as you only need a small amount and its going to do my skin justice once the weather gets colder and my skin is more on the dry side!

Rate the product: Foundation 9/10 Primer: 10/10

Would I repurchase: Foundation: Maybe Primer: Yes

Would I recommend: Foundation: YES / Primer: YES

Thank you for reading my post! Has anyone else used any of these what are your thoughts on them?


Kat Von D Lock It Concealer Review

Today I will be reviewing the Kat Von D Lock It Creme Concealer. I purchased this last month when Debenhams launched the Kat Von D range, I purposely waited to do a review on this as I wanted to use it properly before giving a full review also trying it out with different foundations and setting powders/sprays!


I purchased this without matching my shade or anything, I just went on google and found swatches and tried to figure which one matched and I ended up purchasing the shade ‘Medium 17 (warm)’ this is best for light/medium skin with yellow undertones. It is very slightly lighter than I thought it would be, looking at the name I would of expected it to be darker, however it is right for me as I go for concealers a shade or two lighter. I have done a comparison post featuring this concealer Here!

First thing I want to talk about is the packaging, it’s actually quite fatter than I thought it would be, its got the KVD logo on the applicator, the packaging resembles the rest of the
KVD range that punk rock theme when looking sat the tube the colour looked waaay to light for me, but once I swatched it and used it I found it was the right match!

When opening the concealer I noticed the lid pushes up once it is unscrewed which I love about all of the KVD products. The applicator is shaped like a triangle which makes application under the eye easierwp-1475434095673.jpg

When applying concealer I usually apply it in a upside down triangle under both eyes, down the bridge of my nose, my forehead and a little on my chin, I then blend it with my fingers under my eye first then go in with the Real Techniques sponge to go under my eyes to give it a more flawless finish and then the rest of my face.


I applied this concealer as I normally do, and I found that I had applied too much! With this concealer you will need a small amount and it really does go a LONG way, the consistency is quite thick so when blending it doesn’t move too much.

This concealer really does live up to its name! Once it is set it stays in place all day! The only thing I would say is I found it hard to find a setting powder that works with this concealer. I first used this with my usual Maybelline Matte Maker setting powder and found that it just broke under my eyes so you could see the darker skin underneath! I then tried setting it with the Laura Mercier setting powder and it did the same, however I find when I bake using the Laura Mercier powder the concealer didn’t break, so for me it works best with A LOT of powder! another thing I noticed that helped was spraying setting spray on the real techniques sponge before blending the concealer.

This concealer does last up to 8 hours (this is how long I usually have my makeup on for).


I have lines under my eyes boo! I never noticed how bad they were till I used this concealer a couple of hours after applying this concealer I notice it sits in to them lines under my eye, I usually just blend it back in with my finger. this is the only downside to this concealer other, I have noticed the creasing does decrease if I bake my under eyes, but then it all just looks a little crazy for an everyday look. (I naturally have those lines under my eyes, so if you don’t have any lines your safe to use it!!

This concealer costs £20 and currently ONLY Debenhams stock it, I do think this is quite expensive for a concealer but I also think its a great concealer! So it would be worth it!

Rate this product: 8/10, this is due to the fact that I have to work with it quite a bit!

Would I recommend this product: YES! its a good concealer if you don’t have such defined lines under your eyes!

Would I repurchase this product: No, its not worth it FOR ME.

Has anyone else used this concealer? or any other KVD product!? I will be reviewing the Kat Von D Lock it Foundation & Primer soon!! Look out for it!


Lab 2 Beauty – Eye Brush Review

If there is one thing you can not have enough of it is makeup brushes!!

So today I am going to be talking about 4 new brushes I have recently been LOVING and they are the Lab2 Beauty ‘Just Eye Brushes’.

First I want to talk about the packaging, each brush was in its own box and each box had so much detail on it. You could find out exactly how to use the brush on a pop out cards at the back so you can keep it in your makeup drawer. The packaging also explains everything you need to know about the brush with a detailed picture of exactly how each brush is made to be used. I don’t own many brushes but I have never seen such detailed packaging!!


The actual brushes have a feel like they cost more than they actually are! The handle is made of a soft to touch rubber and the top is made of metal, the brushes honestly look and feel like really high-quality brushes I was so impressed!! The brushes are made to pick up and apply colour easily and I feel that they are brilliant for the job!

Right, onto the actual brushes, my most favourite brush in the whole lot is the ‘just Blending In Brush’ Oh and I love how each brush has a cool name! This brush is dense yet fluffy at the top so it is perfect for blending out the crease and doesn’t require much effort.


My second favourite brush is the ‘Put A Lid On It Angled Shadow Brush’. This brush is again dense like the others and is angled at the top, this is perfect for blending shade into areas such as the corner of your eye and the outer crease, it is also brilliant for creating a ‘cat eye’ or ‘winged’ look!


The third brush I got was the ‘Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Brush’. This is a versatile eye shadow brush, it has a rounded tip which makes it easy to apply the shadow all over the eye while blending out any harsh lines.


Lastly, I have another one of my favourite brushes, ‘All-Over Shadow Brush’. This brush is wide at the top and is brilliant for highlighting the brow bone, or applying the base colour all over the lid. I love this for packing on top of the lid, or with glitters.


The brush itself is soft and since having them I have washed them and they haven’t lost their ‘fluffynes’? haha I’m not sure what the right word for that is! These brushes are amazing at picking shades  up and blending them out, I use these every time I am doing my eyes.

The brushes all retail at around £3-£6 Depending on where you purchase them from, they are so cheap and the quality is amazing!! These brushes are cruelty also cruelty-free!

(I was sent these brushes to review however, this is MY own review and has not been influenced in any way)

Rate this product: 10/10

Would I recommend the product(s): Yes

Would I purchase the product: Yes definitely, they are so worth it!

Thank you for reading my post!


What I learnt in 2016; Beauty

As part of my ‘what I learnt in 2016’ blog series I wanted to do a final post summing up what I had learnt about beauty as a whole, as in how my routines changed, tips and tricks I picked up throughout the year and what to avoid in 2017!

BUT…First things first Happy New Year!!!! I’m a couple of days late but hey ho, year just started it’s all good 😀

So I’m just going to get straight to the post, these are some things I picked up on throughout 2016

  • Always do your brows first! they will come out perfect! EVERYTIME!
  • Clean up messy liner with a Q-Tip..NOT a wipe! it just makes things worse 😀
  • Too much contour/blusher can be fixed with whatever you used to apply foundation (brush or sponge)
  • Evening skin care routine is THE most important, that doesn’t mean that the morning skin care routine is not important!!
  • Never sign up to a beauty box, this is something I will never do again, in the beginning the boxes are great but once we reach the third box I receive samples or absolute rubbish products and repeat products it was so annoying!
  • High end doesn’t mean it’s the better product, there are so many high street products that can match up or are even better than high-end products!

This concludes my post, I enjoyed doing this blog series although they felt very rushed and short !

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What I learnt in 2016; Primers

Third blog in my ‘what I learnt in 2016‘ series and today I will be talking about primers, believe it or not last year I never even used a primer, I always thought of it as an extra thing you don’t really need like isn’t my moisturiser enough? Oh boy was I wrong, this year I was introduced to primers! It’s never too late and of course I started like everyone else, which one is the best primer from ALL of them again the wrong question!

So here are the things I learnt;

1. Not all primers work for everyones skin types HOWEVER, if you prep your skin well they can do amazing things!

2. I have oily combination skin so mixing two primers can give you amazing results, a hydrating primer alongside a matte primer has been my go to! 

3. Silicone-based primers for the thick foundations.

4 Water based/hydrated primers for water based/normal foundations

5. Primers need to be massaged into the skin till they feel tacky or for silicone ones till they are evenly smooth.

6. The right base can make any foundation look flawless!

My favourite primers right now are the Kat Von D lock it primer and well it’s not a primer but works brilliantly as one, the Garnier pure active matte moisturiser.

If you haven’t already read my other posts in my ‘what I learnt in 2016’ series

then check them out!


What I learnt in 2016; Contour

I’m back with my second post in my ‘What I learnt in 2016’, this one is about contouring! Contour changed the whole makeup game, I remember the day when blusher was the only thing that I applied on my cheeks! HA!

So, contouring is all about giving you a more defined look, and it’s easy to achieve the perfect contour as long as you have the right products and know where you NEED to apply it.

So here are the things I learnt;

1.The right shade, now I just thought it’s all about your skin shade, so the lighter you are the lighter shade you need, I was so wrong! Haa. Its more about undertones, SO, if you have light/medium skin you will need a contour shade with grey undertones and medium/dark skin will need a contour shade with orange undertones! This is important!

2. Cream contour is good for heavy makeup – powder for light makeup.

3. WHERE you apply contour is CRUCIAL, any contour in the wrong area will ruin everything! So quick set of tips:

  • Applying contour on the forehead along the hairline makes your forehead look smaller, so the more you apply the more smaller it will (visually ) look.
  • Applying contour on the cheeks, from the hairline down towards your lips, just along the cheek bones, this will define the cheek bones so the more product you apply the more defined they will look, DEFINITELY blend this PROPERLY!
  • Applying contour on the nose is the one I learnt a lot about, it’s not the same for everyone, it all depends on the shape of your nose and how YOU want to define it, for me I apply it just the bottom of my nose to give it a ‘lifted’ look.and then use the brush I used to blend my cheek bones with along the sides of my nose
  • Applying contour on the jawline, this I rarely do but when I do I apply the darkest shade along my jawline lightly.

4. Blending is KEY when it comes to contouring!

5. Highlighting after contour is another MUST, it marries the pair together leaving your face looking defined and highlighted! Yaaass!

6. Brushes for powder products and Sponges for cream products!


I know these posts are short but I’m quite enjoying writing them! Thank your reading! and keep your eyes open for more….if you haven’t already then go check out my last post in this series What I learnt in 2016; Brows.


What I learnt in 2016; Eyebrows

Hii guys, I’m starting my ‘what I learnt in 2016’ blog series with one of the things I learnt most about this year, BROWS!

Now my brows have come a LONG way, from the chunky bushy brows when I was younger to the needle thin- just about visible brows from when I was a teenager! – We’ve all been there! my brows have definitely evolved this year and now I feel like I can achieve that perfect natural brow and it didn’t come easy!

I think we all get mislead with all the ABSOLUTELY perfect clean cut brows with the sharp ends that look so natural!- and then all of a sudden we NEED the product that they are using! NO, we don’t, achieving perfect brows is NOT about the best product, its all in the technique! I can achieve the same brow using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Pomade or using the Rimmel Brow Pencil.

So here are the things I learnt;

1. Let them grow, growing your eyebrows can be one of the longest things ever, mine still have not fully grown, for some reason the end of my right brow just does not grow! (You can assist growth by brushing your brows, using oils or using a serum, check my post on how I grew my brows here). You can cover up the extra hairs with concealer while you are growing them out.

2.To make your brows look naturally fuller, don’t trim them from the top, unless you don’t like that look!

3. ALWAYS do your brows first, fill your brow and conceal around the brow, this way you will get perfect brows EVERYTIME!

4. When filling your brows apply the product very lightly, this way you can achieve perfect brows without getting to much product in your brows and making them look harsh.

5. Do not fill the full brow!!! So start half way and fill until the end and then use a spoolie brush to brush the product through the brow, this gives your brow a natural look.

6. Always use a product to set the brow so it stays in place all day!

7. keep the natural shape of your brow, trying to extend the shape of your brow will actually change the whole shape of your eye area likewise making your brows shorter will look odd.

8. Last thing and probably one of the best things I learnt, ANY PRODUCT can give you perfect brows, do not feel like you need the most expensive product to give you amazing brows, you don’t! The difference between products will be that some products will be easier to use.


Thank you for reading my post, keep an eye out for the next post of the series!