Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review

My only black Friday purchase was the Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks, they had free international delivery so I thought I would take advantage of this offer to try out the Ultra Matte Lipsticks that EVERYONE and their mum raves about!

The lipsticks were for $6, that is roughly around £4.50-£5.00 which is very cheap! and the delivery as I said was free! The delivery didn’t take long to come it was just about a week, so that was a bonus, I thought it would take forever, although yes it did feel like forever haha!

I have been wanting to try colour pop cosmetics for ages but the delivery charges are so daunting! I didn’t want to go crazy and buy a whole bunch and find that I d0n’t even like the formula so I purchased three.

The three shades I got are Tulle; a deep maroon shade, Trap; a nude shade and Cheap Thrills a dark purple/grey shade I love this shade!

From T-B; Trap, Tulle, Cheap Thrills

The packaging as a whole is so pretty from the box down to the actual product, the product is actually quite chunky, I think I’m just used to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks! When I opened the first lipstick I did not expect the product to be so watery it dropped on my clothes!! This is not a bad thing, I just wasn’t expecting it, I actually like that the lipstick is watery it just annoyed me that it went everywhere!

Application, was easy it glides on well and it’s so pigmented I didn’t have to apply it twice like some lipsticks! once on, it dries pretty slow, again I keep comparing it to the KVD lipsticks they dry so quick! This one is like the usual high street lipstick, I’m talking the sleek matte me.

Once dried the lipstick doesn’t budge it stays in place for a long time, however on the inner part of the lips where they meet it just disappeared, in fact it wouldn’t even stay there! This is the only thing that really annoys me BUT I do need to add that I think, and I said think as I am not an expert lol but I think it is something to do with the weather or having dry lips around this time of the year, I remember last year in the winter I avoided wearing matte lipsticks altogether because it was not going well however over the summer I was loving them SO I am hoping I love these more in the summer, if not then I will be upset because I really wanted to love these lipsticks!!

Other than the lips issue I find these lipsticks don’t over dry the lips and feel comfortable also for the price they are really good, I wish they were available in the UK I would love to try the other products from colour pop the eyeshadows are another product everyone raves about.

Rate the product: 6/10 (this is purely because of the lips issue !

Would I recommend this product?: Yes, it’s really good for the price and lasts a very long time.

Would I repurchase this product?: Depends if they work for me in the summer then yes definitely, if they don’t then no.

Thank you for reading my review, if any of you have any recommendations of other products from colour pop leave me a comment!

High-End Vs High Street; Quick & Simple Makeup

Some days we are either in a hurry to get out, or just want to go for a simple makeup look, s we gravitate towards products that will be easy to use and help achieve a quick yet flawless look, I have downsized my quick and simple makeup looks down to 5 products! Yes it doesn’t take many products to look great even though you have less time to achieve it! So I am just going to get straight into it.

Firstly brows! I find doing my brows first always gives me a perfect brow! So a quick and easy to use product is one of my favourites the Maybelline Satin Brow Pencil this duoble ended pencil is perfect to quickly fill in your brow with the powder side and draw an arch with the pencil side, I brush it out using a spoolie to give my brows a natural and full look! I actually use this all the time I don’t own a high-end brow product that is quick and easy to use, they require more time and effort!

Next is the base, this is the most important so I would advise using a foundation that gives a full coverage without looking cakey so for high street products I would use the Maybelline Fit Me Matte&Poreless (I am in the shade 120/125 in the summer for that slightly tanned look) this is perfect for quick application and easily buildable without looking cakey and if I want to go for a simple but luminous base then I will use the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy foundation, I love both of these foundations so much! And high end for an everyday face I think I would opt for the Nars All Day Luminous (I am in the shade Santa Fe), I like this one because it’s lightweight and goes on quick, also it does not look cakey, you can achieve a nice luminous base with this too!

Concealer, So this pretty much can be any concealer and as we are going for a simple look I would use a concealer that doesn’t highlight too much, so one that is more suited to my skin colour, a high street choice would be the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (I am in the shade light) I love this concealer its the best high street concealer I have used! For the High-end concealer I would use the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer (I use the shade Custard) This is my favourite high-end concealer!

Eyes, when keeping makeup minimal the one product that can give your eyes a quick and effective wake up is mascara! And my favourite mascara right now is the Maybelline Lucious Lash Sensational. This mascara is amazing! it gives your lashes length and makes them look fuller, the oil in the mascara adds to the ‘full lash’ look. For a high-end alternative, well to be honest I don’t own a high-end mascara, I used to use the Estee Double Wear mascara, however since discovering the Maybelline one I don’t use anything else!

Contouring, now this one is optional some people like a quick and light defined look and some of just skip it all together, depending on the time I have I either quickly bronze my cheeks using the MAC powder blush in the shade Harmony (Yes I am aware its not a bronzer but it does a damn good job) or I do a quick contour using the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette These are my high-end choices, as for high-street products I use the Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour, this is £3 and amazing for the price

Blusher is another must, I think it adds a nice dimension to the face, I have a ton of blushes so to say I use one will be a lie, although my absolute favourite blush is from the Gwen Stefani lush palette you will know this if you follow me onInstagramm I use it ALL the time! A high-street blulsh that I would say I use often would be the NYX Ombre, it’s a beautiful shade!

Lastly Lipstick, I would either leave this out if my lips are too dry if not then I wear my absolute favouriteKat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Bow N Arrow, this is a nice brownish nude I love it, a high-street option would be the NYX Soft Matte Lipstick in the shae London this is a perfect nude for my skin tone and another favourite?

Oh and setting, well depends if I was going for a matte or luminous look, so for matte I will set using the NYX HD Setting powder or high end option will be the Laura Mercier Setting Powder. The Laura Mercier one is obviously better however the NYX one works well too. If I am going for a luminous look, I will use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray as my high end option and the NYX Setting Spray, I feel like they both work as well as eachother!

Thank you for reading my post